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Finally! The Exact Step-By-Step Process To Create & Launch Your Own Course In Just 2 Months

Add a whole new stream of income to your business without sacrificing more time each week

From: the desk of the Amplify Co team, 

Soooo many business owners stall their growth by getting stuck in personally delivering their clients results.

Yes, you’re the magic.

But delivering your service 1:1 for the rest of time means you've created yourself a job, not a business.

(if that sounds harsh, it was a difficult pill for us to swallow the first time we heard it too, but it set us free *time and money, thank youuu! - so we're delivering this with the same intention to you)

We get it - and we LOVE you for it, truly - your commitment to taking care of your clients and ensuring they get the best results is inspiring, and exactly the energy we aspire to hold in this space.  

But if that continues in only 1:1 format, then there’s only two potential outcomes: 

1. You burn out, and either leave your passion or have to take significant time off to recover

2. You only ever work with a very limited number of people 

The people who care most are the ones who stall the most when it comes to creating courses or programs - they want to get it RIGHT

And we applaud you for it. 

You’re our target audience for a reason - you’re the people with the talent and heart to make a difference with the people you work with. 

But, you’re also the people who second guess the most, while people with less talent and heart churn out new creations left right and centre. 

We need people who are dead set on delivering amazing results and a stunning service to their clients creating MORE courses, MORE revenue, MORE impact. 

That’s why we’re showing you how. 

Course Creation Is Your Shortcut To

More hours in the day 

as your business still grows

Blow the cap off 

your earning potential

Even better client results 

(yep, really)

Of course that sounds great...

but we know creating your own course is daunting.

From the name, 

to the price, 

to how on earth to create a successful launch (that doesn't exhaust you OR flop from the amount of work you're putting in) 

and what tech you need to master to give your customers that first class experience... 

Yup, there's a fair few variables to contend with. 

That's why most people take AGES to get it out there (if they do at all!)

- it's just too much to add to an already busy schedule. 

But here's the thing... 

Not only will creating your course get your genius in the hands of WAY more people - and we reckon the world needs that right now - it'll also create L E V E R A G E in your business

     *Translation: bigger revenue and impact, with less time input required from you.

So your course doesn't hide out in your head for the next few years, we want you to

Pinch Our Process

Yup, we're giving you our exact step-by-step proven system to CREATE and LAUNCH a whole new stream of revenue for your business

Take away the second guessing and options-overwhelm and go from idea to launch in the next 8 weeks.  

No more waiting and wondering. 

No more stalling.

Oh, and that means no more hiding 😉 

Let's break down exactly what needs to happen to get your course out of your head and into the hands of the people who need it... 

I'm not just doing 1:1, I'm teaching to groups now...

I'm filling out those groups every time AND I've got a waitlist!

Deanna Cooney. 


The Course Where You Create Your Own Course, Duh

8 Week Deep Dive To Create & Launch Your Own Online Course That Generates KILLER Results And Huge Revenue

See what's waiting for you inside once you become a member...

Training 1:

Deliver What They're Desperate For 

BEFORE you start creating, you have to get crystal clear on what your audience want from you. Not what YOU think they want from you, but what they want and how you position it so your new course flies off the shelves. 

You're not supposed to figure out what you're offering! 

The biggest problem for course creators? They create it, and no one wants it. 

Zip, zilch, nada at the launch. It's an enormous disappointment off the back of a LOT of work. So let's not do that. 

And that could be avoided before you've even created a minute of content. 

Here's where you hack our process to dial in an offer that'll have your people drooling.

BONUS: most of your sales page, advertising and content will come out of this process, pretty good place to start, right?! 

Training 2: 

Client Journey Map

Client journey what?! Here's where we figure out exactly what's going in your course to ensure it's world-class and has your people telling their people how f$%&ing good you are.

Ever wonder how those big brands offer such enticing guarantees that have you reaching for your credit card?

Here we walk you through how to do exactly that, sans the stress and worry small businesses usually have when guaranteeing results. 

Most people skip this crucial step and skip ahead too soon, but this is some of the most valuable time you'll spend in your creation process, and we're not even talking about what's inside yet.  

Nope, the Client Journey Map is what gives you the exact way to describe it to your people that has them desperate to join. 

This is the phase where you start to realise you're gonna be pretty bloody proud of what you're creating. 

Confidence: ignited.

So much so that you're ready to offer a cracking guarantee of your own...and that guarantee funnily enough is THE secret to skyrocketing your conversions.

(that means more happy customers and dollars in your pocket... sounds alright no?) 

Training 3:

Unpack Your Inclusions/Killer Content  

Making sure your creation process is seamless and heading straight to that big launch deadline.

THE secret to creating rock-solid results without overwhelm (for them, or you!)

First we dial in the single most important factor to delivering huge results with less 1:1 time, so your course actually delivers.

Most people put way too much in their programs - they love their topic and want to share everything, but that creates an overwhelming experience for your client that isn’t as powerful as it could be. 

Sneaky tip: selecting your content well means LESS work creating your course, and less work for your clients meaning...

More bang for their buck

More reviews

More sales

We want your name to be forever associated with how much value and expertise you bring. 

Everyone wins 😉

Training 4:

Tick Off The Tech

Automation made easy - here's where we show you the tech that does the heavy lifting so you can see sales rolling in while you're at the beach

Tech exists to make your life easier, not harder. Let us show you how...

The easiest way to master technology so your clients have a world class experience (even if you’re not techy - and even if they’re not!) 

We recommend software that is not only affordable, it's easy to use, and provide you with the exact steps you need to take for every stage. 


To make it easier, we give you our fill-in-the-blanks templates, cheatsheets and plug and play files so you spend less time faffing and fly toward your launch. 


And if you still can't be jeffed with that, you can always hand it over to our team to turn around for you while you boss your content creation since that's your genius zone. 

Training 5: 

Successful Launch Strategy

Your client journey map.

Client journey what?! Here's where we figure out exactly what's going in your course to ensure it's world-class and has your people telling their people how f$%&ing good you are.

Most people stall more on their launch than they ever did on their P plates

Here's where we get super clear - and accountable - on everything for a launch that changes your life (well, business...but same same) 

Great launches do.not.just.HAPPEN!

Just like creating phenomenal courses themselves, the launch - how you release it to the world and get it in front of the people who matter - has to be strategic AF. 

From what content to post, to when to open and close your cart, to how to build irresistible urgency that so your people just have to dive in - 

From what content to post 

to when to open and close your cart 

to how to build irresistible urgency that so your people can't wait to pay you 

Without these elements in place, your launch will be lacking. 

But once you've learned this skill, you'll be unstoppable. 

Well this is great, but what if I don't have a clue how to do tech?

Valid question. 

If you're a technophobe, you're not alone. 

We endeavour to make this as non-techy as possible, and you can essentially 'choose your own adventure' of how tech-heavy your course is. 

Some people package it all on Google Drive with links to send to their people. 

Others package it in Podia or similar platforms that we recommend. 

It depends what you're ready for, and what investment you want to make in your software. 

We break all that down so you can choose what suits you.

Or, if the whole idea of that sends your brain into frazzle mode, we can set it up for you.

Enrol in ... today


2 Instalments of $297

Just $297 today

OR click here to save $97 when you pay in full!


I bought the ultimate package and I can certainly say it has been worth every penny - amazing!

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Kimberly King

Web Designer

Results Guaranteed

The Guarantee That Lets You Sleep Easily

The fact you've read this far means creating courses and programs is something you're interested in, so we want to make your decision easier. 

365 days to get your money back

Here's the deal...

You show up.  

You do the work. 

(All the work - there's a lot to go through, but it's all key to creating a course you're proud of, we promise) 

If you do everything we've shown you and you don't feel like what you've learned has helped you, we'll give you your money back. 

We want online courses jam packed with QUALITY content, and we want to help you be the one to deliver it

And if we don't fulfil our end of that bargain, we don't want your money. 

Simple as that. 

And there's MOREEEE! 

When you join The Course Where You Create Your Own Course, you also get these massive bonuses to make your process from idea to execution so.much.easier! 



valued at $XYZ

Designed to speed up and simplify your program creation process and make your launch even more successful. 

JADE - can we create little images for each of these sections that represent the bonuses??

IMAGE - valued at $1997 

Bonus #1:


Yup, this upcoming round is LIVE! 

No more buying a course with epic intention only to have it die a slow death unopened in your inbox. 

Build with us by your side, with weekly Q&As to get our eyes on your course!

We get it, seriously. I'm literally typing this on a Sunday evening, dog snoring next to me like I should be. 

Business keeps you BUSY. 

But it's leveraging systems like your very own courses that skyrocket your freedom and actually set you up with a chance of living an Insta-worthy lifestyle (in whatever way that looks for you) rather than spend your good years flogging yourself for less money than you used to make in corporate. 

But setting up those systems takes time, effort and energy. 

Without accountability, most people never get it done.

So let's do it together and make this year the one where you turn it all around.

IMAGE - valued at $997 

Bonus #2:


When you think of blank-screen-itus, the most damaging place it shows up is your sales page.

Think about it - it's like looking up at Everest when you've never even laced a pair of hiking boots before. 


But holy sh!t does it make a difference when you do! 

So we're making it easier by supplying you with the section by section template and a special class where we fill it out together. A sales page in a day, even if you've got no experience?! 


Yup, once again, there's a formula to follow that makes it heaps easier and takes all your guesswork out of the equation. 

IMAGE - valued at $297 

Bonus #3:


A hell of a lot goes into a successful launch - it's a whole strategy of its own - and getting it right is crucial to your course's success.

Avoid the flop - simply tweak our Launch Template to suit your course and audience.  

This is your surefire way to build excitement with your followers so when you push the button, sales come streaming in.

Yes, this saves you heaps of time, but even better...

Your LAUNCH TEMPLATE stops the analysis paralysis that leads most course creators to store their content in a hidden away Google Drive and never earn a cent from it.

Hello $$$ and LOTS of happy customers!

Bonus #4:

EMAIL SWIPE FILES - think of a new name for this it's boring 

IMAGE - valued at $197 

*Thinks about every time we've seen clients (and ourselves sshhh) stare at a blank screen wasting valuable time...

Coming up with everything from scratch is HARD, and frankly unnecessary. 

Steal our tried-and-tested email structures where you just make the ready-prepped content your own and push go.

There's a formula to getting people to open, click on and buy from your emails...

And you're not supposed to know it! 

So steal ours and save yourself a heap of time.

Ok, let's RECAP!

When you join The Course Where You Create Your Own Course, you get instant access to our 16 in depth step-by-step modules ... 

Guarantee sales by delivering what they're desperate for

Deep dive into what they WANT

Deep dive into what they WANT

Deep dive into what they WANT

Deep dive into what they WANT

Why learn from us? 

Hey, we're Jade & Vicky, founders of Amplify Co.

We've personally set up 3 multiple-six-figure earning programs, and more importantly, helped hundreds of other business owners do the same. 

We've gathered all that experience to show you how to avoid the most common pitfalls that steal your time, damage your launch results and lessen your client's results.  

Instead, we'll take you through step-by-step how to build enormously successful programs and courses that get your clients results they rave about, earn you more money and cost less of your time so your business is sustainable, enjoyable and supports the life you want.  

The A's to your most pressing Q's...

Seriously, what if I'm horrible with technology?

We know tech can be a huge stumbling block for some people, so we'll walk through the options from low- to high-tech. You can create your program exactly how you want to run it, and we value simplicity highly.  

However, if you really don't want to touch tech at all but you would like your program running on a high-tech platform for an amazing experience for your clients, our team can take care of all the tech set up for you while you create your program.

In fact, if you do choose to let us help your set up be smooth and easy, we'll deduct your investment of this program from that too.  

My business is quite unique, will creating a course or program really work for me? 

We've helped people from heaps of different industries to create their own courses - from adult toy stores to yoga businesses to people selling crystals and other spiritual tools.  

Often it's people who own product businesses who struggle to see what courses they could create to help their audience, 

OR people who deliver their services exclusively 1:1 and believe they need that involvement, 

But either way, in the first module, you'll discover a multitude of different courses you could create that would add serious value to your audience and serious dollars to your bank account.

I've already created a course but I haven't shared it yet, do I really need this? 

Usually, people stall at the launch phase because they're worried it's not 'good enough' - they need a framework to follow and checklists to ensure they've done everything they need to to ensure their course is a world-class experience. 

Also, the launch itself is a whole different skillset that often holds people back - one with the confidence piece again, and the other with the actual strategy. 

That's why we cover both, in a step by step approach that has you market-ready and confidence-filled by the date you set at the beginning. 

How much time will this take me to set up? When will I be ready to enrol clients into my course? 

While we give you recommendations and encourage you to set a timeline that works realistically within your own schedule, how long it takes is up to you. Some take their time, others blast through their own set up and are ready to open their cart within the month. 

We know time is a serious constraint for some of our busy clients,  which is why we created the 'done for you' tech set up - from your membership site, to your checkout pages, thank you pages, email sequences and on-boarding process so all you have to focus on is creating your amazing content. 

Even if you don't want us to do it for you, we've created templates for you to plug your own details into so your setup is as quick and smooth as possible. 

I don't want to wait 2 months, can I do it faster?

Absolutely you can - follow the steps at your own pace, and if that's faster, go for your life, turbo. 

The reason we say 2 months is to factor in your other business commitments (oh, and that personal life thing, too) - there's a lot of work to go through and we want you to create something phenomenal for your people that skyrockets your reputation.  

If you have more time to commit to this (or a team to help you), and can create that level of quality in less time, good on you - take each step at your own pace and let us know your timeline so we know if you've beaten our record 😉 

I'm really busy, how much extra time will I need per week to deliver my course once it's set up?

Your personal involvement in the delivery of your course is something we help you determine early on in the program - essentially it's up to you. 

Some of our business owners set up a course that runs entirely without them, others prefer to set up a higher-priced course where they run group classes, some even offer 1:1 classes as part of their course. 

It's up to you, your schedule, your topic, and how much you want to receive for each new client you enrol in your course - we break down all the details in Module 2 so you're super clear. 

I'd love to create a course but I'm really not sure what to teach, will this work for me or do I need an idea first? 

Provided you already have a client base and are doing good work with those people, it doesn't matter that you don't know what to teach. In fact, lots of students who come with an idea end up altering it anyway. 

In Module 1, we'll show you our exact process of how to work out what your course will be about, and it's not even your brain you have to pick! 

What if my clients don't get a good result with my course?

First, we LOVE that you care this much. Definitely a bit tick for our own 'perfect client' requirements! 

Because we know results are a major focus for you, we show you how to guarantee results within the creation of your course, then the formula to gather feedback from your own clients so you can tweak and improve until your confidence is ROCK SOLID and your people are raving about you. 

Is there a guarantee with this program? 

Yup, we're giving you a whole year to make sure this process works. 

365 days for you to do the work, and if you do it all and don't think you've got the value you came for, we'll refund you in full. 

It's our commitment to you that this course will blow your mind. 

Since we're teaching you how to do this, we better know our stuff and we're happy to back that up so you can create with confidence 🙂 



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