Does Your Business Have Huge Potential…But You’re Standing In Its Way?

Hey guys and welcome to this week’s blog! I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project, and today I want to ask you a simple question – has your business got huge potential, but you are standing in its way?

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again! The most important thing on your journey to success is YOU! You can be the maker or you can be the breaker. It’s less to do with your idea, with your product or service, than it is to do with you, and what you’ve got going on.

For instance, if I have this brilliant idea of a new platform that’s going to reach mums, for instance, but I don’t have the backing within myself to step it up and do those things that push me outside my comfort zone and require a surge of confidence and absolute self-belief, I’m not going to take that to the next level.

One of my coaches once said to me, if I gave you the exact blueprint that Mark Zuckerberg used to create Facebook, none of you would manage to create the same movement, the same worldwide phenomenon that he did, because you don’t have the values ,the beliefs, or the WHY behind it, that he has!

So my question is – does your business have huge potential but you are standing in its way? Do you find yourself stepping back from opportunity, do you find yourself recoiling from huge growth opportunities that could potentially put you straight out in the lime light. Do you pull yourself back until you’re ready, because – you know – there’s time, you can create time, it’ll happen in the future at some point…right?

Let me tell you, that point is never going to come until you take control and allow yourself to be that person who takes those opportunities and that’s where the magic comes in. There is a version of you who has what it takes already to take those opportunities – she thinks differently, she feels differently, her habits support her mission, and all these things are shifts inside of you that you can make and you can make very easily.

That’s why we work on personal development for female entrepreneurs. You can be your biggest roadblock or you can be your biggest force to success, and it really is an internal game, as we know!

So the question – does your business have huge potential but you’re standing in its way?

Give it some real thought, allow yourself to question what does the woman who have that success already do? What does she do differently from you? How does she talk to herself differently from how I talk to myself now? How does she feel differently, what habits does she have in place that allow her to be that person effortlessly. Connect with who that person is, because that’s your way of closing that energetic gap.

Every thought and every emotion has a frequency, and those frequencies you’re emitting right now are not the same as that woman who has that success and is making that impact already. When you embody her – that’s YOU in the future – you begin to close that energetic gap and you become a master manifestor as you step into that role.

If you’re struggling to manifest that life for yourself, that is what we help you to do. We allow you to create the internal blueprint that takes you to that next level, allowing you to think feel and act like a successful person now and step into that role, because YOU proceed that success.

Your mindset is what creates that. So many people I come across say ‘when I get to six figures then I’ll invest in myself’ – investing in yourself will be your vehicle to get there, or wherever it is that goal is! Or it might be ‘when I get to take holidays every quarter, then I’ll feel happy and successful.’ Same deal! You feeling happy and successful NOW is your vehicle to get to what you want!

Investing in yourself – not business, not strategy, but YOU, yourself – that’s the best investment you’ll ever make – and that’s time as well as financial investment! So take some time, sit down, and determine how does that woman who has the life that I want, do it? How does she think, feel, act and what are her habits?

Take some time, makes some notes you know I’m a big advocate for writing things down and allowing it to solidify and allowing you to really connect with it. If you’re still struggling to make that change, there’s an opt-in button below – get on a call with us! We take applications and make sure you’re the right fit so we don’t waste your time or ours, and if you are the right fit, we’ll give you an hour’s free session where we nut out exactly how you’re going to make that gap close up until you can start being that woman now!

That was this week’s blog, if you’ve got value out of it I’d love for you to share it – we want to reach as many people as possible and get this message out there that you can be that woman and you can live that life you dream about now!

Thank you as always for your time guys and I can’t wait to see you on next week’s blog.



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