Fear Of Success: How To Overcome It

How To Overcome the Fear Of Success

Hey ladies and a massive welcome to this week’s blog. I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project, and this week I want to get down into some impactful content again. So this week, let’s discuss the fear of success – and how to overcome it.

The fear of success is ten times more prevalent in the women that I speak to than the fear of failure – because we kind of know how to fail. We’ve done it before and undoubtedly we’ll experience it again. But more than that, we know if we fail we can pick ourselves back up and re-try or have another go. It’s something that’s conditioned into you – almost from birth! From learning how to walk, as an example, we’ve had so many instances of learning something and failing or making mistakes, etc. But when it comes to success, the real problem comes in because we don’t know what it’s like to have that success. We don’t know what it entails, or what demands will be put on us – we’re unfamiliar with it. And that lack of familiarity scares us.

It comes down to the fundamental human fear – the completely rational fear! – of the unknown.

Down to the primitive aspects of our mind and our unconscious – its purpose is to protect you. And to protect you against the unknown is a much harder job than to protect you against the familiar and the recognisable and those things you can see coming. The things that will come with success, you’re unaware of, and that is why the unknown component is so much bigger and the fear that creates can be paralysing.

So how do we overcome that, and get comfortable with success and elevate your progress massively?

Because it’s all about the results that you’re going to get. You’re already putting in the huge effort, it’s about changing your mindset and the internal game so that the results come externally for you…and for the impact that you’re here to make.

Firstly, to overcome the fear of success, you want to know specifically for you, what success looks like.

Success is a really broad term – and I could ask 20,30, 100, 200 different people what success means to them and get a different answer. So get specific on what success means to you.

Secondly, know why.

I always come back to this point – know why. Knowing why puts you in such a better position to continue that motivation, and create that as the new habit – the motivation, inspiration and dedication that will allow you to keep moving through the fear and allowing that fear to shrink in comparison to your why.

For instance, with Life Empowerment Project, my aim is to positively impact 100,000 women. And the women who I get to speak with, they have a huge vision to impact people loads of women in their lives and in whatever niche and industry they are working in. When it comes down to your WHY, and that’s where your focus is, those phone calls, the speaking events, and radio and TV features don’t create that fear in you anymore because it’s just a vehicle for you to make that impact. So your why is going to be hugely effective at shrinking down that old fear of success. It allows you to step out of the road and focus on the reasons behind the action.

Finally, and possibly the biggest component to getting over the fear of success, is your self-worth.

Nearly every woman who I get to speak with on the phone has an issue with this – somewhere within themselves they believe they are not good enough, they’re not worth it or they don’t deserve it – something within that realm. It’s the way we’re conditioned, the way we’re taught and every time that you think you’re going to make it and get to that success, that old fear and doubt kicks in. Because I’m not worth it, I don’t deserve it and I’m not good enough – so how could I ever allow myself to enjoy that success?

And that is where a lot of the fear comes in.

‘What if people are looking at me and they know that I’m not worth it?’ All this ‘stuff’ comes up – there is so much internal rhetoric that goes around this subject, but your self-worth is the foundation of it. Your self-worth is going to be absolutely essential to create that shift – funeamnetally when you have that self-wroth within you and you know why and you know your dream, your big picture image…then that fear of success just shrinks as you make more and more progress, gain that momentum and confidence in your process.

This has been a quick overview of three really fundamental things for you to finally get over that fear of success. Those things are going to be instrumental in elevating your progress this year.

So, we’ve put together a worksheet – how to overcome your fear of success.

It’s really simple, to allow you to break down your personal fear – because, as I said, it’s different for everyone. We want to get super specific to you and allow you to become conscious of the blocks that have been holding you back.

One of the most powerful things you’ll ever do is open the lines of communication between your unconscious mind (which drives your behaviours and harbours all those doubts and fears) and your conscious mind (the stuff that you’re aware of every day). So, to facilitate this, we’ve put together the worksheet for you to work through specifically your fear of success. Go ahead and download your worksheet and it’ll be in your inbox just moments after you’ve clicked ‘Let Me In’ and we’ll work through that stuff and make sure it’s super specific to you and make your progress this year absolutely skyrocket!

As always guys, a massive thank you for your time, really appreciate it. Get your download, make sure you clear those blocks for yourself – and I can’t wait to se you on next week’s blog!

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