The most powerful thing you can contribute to the world is your own healing

Most of us are anchored into our past experiences without even knowing it

We're never taught the most valuable skill of all - how to process and release our own emotions.

Learning how changed my life and everything I created with my business - and I want to share that with you.

“The biggest change has been within myself. What I was doing a year ago has grown exponentially to what I’m doing now. I’m calling in my ideal client that sets my soul on fire… I’ve got a handful of amazing women that I’m working with and I’m moving online to do more of 1:many so I can work less time but give more of myself so I can actually be who I need to be to get these women I’m working with the most phenomenal results.”

Dani Strong

Vicky Murgatroyd Life Empowerment Project

Why I do this...

This work changed my life in ways I can barely articulate. We didn't 'do' emotion in our family, and when my Mum passed away, I was thoroughly lost with absolutely no clue how to process any of it.

But honestly, and only clear to me with hindsight, I was emotionally overloaded long before that.

Most of us are - we're not taught the essential skills we need to process emotion, so it becomes stored as trauma and becomes patterns of behaviour that leave us feeling disconnected, overwhelmed and incapable. It's the biggest epidemic we're experiencing, and it leads to much more serious health concerns, but even before that, it leads to generally unhappy people.

Everyone I’ve ever met who has experienced coaching has come out of it more fulfilled, more empowered - just genuinely a better, happier human for it. 

As a society we’re ready for change - and more excitingly, we're ready to take the responsibility of our own healing into our own hands.

Luckily, we have some phenomenal tools to do that. And no, it doesn't take years of therapy. Change can happen incredibly quickly and be long lasting - this work on yourself puts the power back in your hands and gives you the ability to create, grow and evolve your life exactly as you choose to.

This isn’t about me healing you - this is about taking the reins yourself - first releasing you from the huge build up of past emotion almost everyone is carrying around, and from there it’s learning to catch yourself in old patterns that don’t serve you any more. 

It’s releasing lower vibration emotions like shame, guilt, anger, sadness and fear that keep us trapped, so you can experience more freedom and joy - more of everything life has for you. 

A few years ago, I imagined pulling $10-20K per month, and now it’s happening...The shift I made enabled me to talk about my work in a way that is so authentically true to myself and now clients come to me.

Songy Knox, Songy Knox Photography

Client Stories

Hear from some of the wonderful business owners who have worked with me.

Buy One, Give One:

Making An Impact Beyond Coaching

Life gets more meaningful when you're focused more on what you can give.

My degree is in journalism (go figure life would take me in a different direction), and one of my favourite Uni projects was a piece on what really goes on behind the scenes in charitable organisations - think mid-6-figure salaries for the CEOs and huge bonuses for the higher ups...being paid out of donations. Yeesh.

That's meant I'm super diligent in looking into which causes I support, and B1G1 ticked aallll the boxes.

I love their ethos and how they operate, and how they easily allow me to contribute to worthy causes all around the world. Check them out...

Vicky Murgatroyd

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