How To Create YOU Time When You’re Super Busy

Hey Guys!

Welcome to this weeks blog – I’m Vicky Murgatryd from Life Empowerment Project and this week we continue the theme from our last blog which is about Time Creation.

This week we’re going to specifically talk about how to create YOU time even when you’re super busy.



Again continuing the theme from last week – time is your most valuable resource. Its what most of us find we’re really poor in.

Obviously the busier you are the less ‘you’ time you create – that is the general theme that I am hearing.

‘You Time’ is absolutely essential because YOU are the only thing that matters it doesn’t matter if your business is doing well if you feel rubbish about yourself.

Its about putting yourself as the number one priority in your business right at the top of that priority list where you belong.

So how to create you time even when you’re super busy…..

Today’s theme came as a question from one of my one-to-one clients who asked me how could she possibly create more time for herself when she didn’t even have enough time to do the things that she wanted to do.

One of my other clients from many months ago – I remember very specifically when she gave me a video testimonial about her experience working with me. She said “I have more time than ever even though I am busier than ever”.

Time is very much a construct of what we create. I want to bring you back to a story that has been circling Facebook for a while.

A professor stands at the front of a lecture with a glass jar. He fills the glass jar with golf balls and he asks the class – “is the jar full?”

The class answer yes – the jar is full.

At which point he pulls out some pebbles and pours them into the glass jar and of course the smaller pebbles go into all the spaces with the golf balls.

Then he says to the class – “is the jar full?”

The class says “yes, the jar is full”.

So the professor gets some sand and he begins to pour it into the jar where it trickles in between the golf balls and pebbles fill the small spaces that remain.

Now he asks – “is the jar full?”

The class say “yes, definitely full!”

To which he pulls out some water and pours it into the glass until it fills up and then finally its completely full.

This is exactly what we do with our time. Work and other peoples expectations become the golf balls.

Where as if you switch that whole paradigm to YOU being the golf balls – you are the FIRST thing considered in your schedule, a whole lot of time opens up.

I guarantee other things will fit around you, but if you are fitting those other things into your schedule first and hoping there is room for you in there you’re all the way out with that priority list.

There is no room for you what so ever.

When you are connected to you coming first – that means putting yourself in your schedule first. For example I take Thursday mornings for myself and my partner. I take weekends for myself. I take time off. I take evenings off.

They are schedule in first – then other things will fit around that. If I didn’t fit those things in my planner first, my would fill up instantly with other stuff. Easily and effortlessly.

However I am still super productive – in fact I am more productive because I am taking care of me.

That whole “fill your cup up first” and allow the world to benefit from your overflow.

Stop emptying your cup until there is nothing left and then try to give – its not going to work.

When you become the golf balls, you become the first thing you put into your schedule. You become top priority – what you want and what you need. Therefore your cup is full

You’re emotionally stable
You’re emotionally connected
You’re inspired
You’re energised

AND all of that flows beautifully into the less important things.

Now I know we think that our businesses are the most important things. Nothing compared to you. Nothing.

That energy you have from putting so much into yourself flows into the lesser important things such as your business, your social life etc.

Because you’re first, that’s a replenishing source.

So literally shifting the old paradigm completely on its head.
Put you time in your calendar first – allowing you to be number one priority and really look into those things that replenish you.

Is it going for a massage each week? Is it taking yourself for a coffee? What is it for you that fills your cup.

So this week your focus and a gift from me to you is put yourself at top priority, be the golf balls in your life. You are the MOST important thing 🙂

Connect with that idea, from that space and I guarantee you will find yourself more productive, creating more opportunities, and living a way better existence

I hope you implement this like mad and please if you found this video helpful share away! We want to get this message out to as many women as possible let’s change the way we do business, the way we do life – make a bigger impact and live a happier existence.

Thank you so much for watching and I will see you in next weeks blog. In the mean time live empowered, and be inspired.

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