How To Get Your Biggest Business Breakthrough

Interested in getting your biggest business breakthrough ever?

We started this business to help you grow yours. And this blog is completely focused around that mission. Simply put, we want to get you the biggest breakthrough you’ve had in your business this week. If you want to know how, stay tuned…..

So, if you’re growth minded like I think you are, if you tune in to the blog regularly, if you’re committed to your business, if you’re growth minded then you’re going to want to continue to expand your business, expand your potential, expand your impact continually throughout your business journey which is hopefully going to be a very long journey.

That means you are often going to have to often step into the unfamiliar.

You can’t get different results by doing the same things that you’ve always done. You have to do something different. With doing something different comes unfamiliarity. With unfamiliarity comes fear.

There’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing different about you that means you experience fear more than other people. Everybody feels it and if you are growth minded, if you are committed to continual growth in your business, that fear’s not going to go away. You’ll get stronger, you’ll be able to tackle bigger fears, but again, because you’re growth minded you’re going to want to tackle bigger things because you have bigger capabilities now. And that is an absolute privilege and that’s what’s going to make you excellent in what you do and a prime example for other people as well.

The thing that is going to get you the biggest breakthrough in your business is just that. It’s the fear tasks. It’s the challenges, it’s the things you’re not familiar with yet. It’s doing something different, breaking your comfort zone and tackling those big fears. That is always going to get you your biggest breakthrough in your business. So, I want you to really sit with this question, “what am I most frightened of in my business right now?” “What am I most scared about for the next step?”. For me for a while it was hiring full-time employees.

For me now it’s a different challenge entirely.

Challenges are going to continue to develop and evolve as you do. But right now, where you’re at in your business, what is the biggest thing that scares you. Not something ridiculous and out of the way or you know, completely unrelated to your business, but in terms of your growth, of your development, of where you see your business going, what’s the next step that really scares you. For some of our clients it’s getting on camera. In the early stages for me it was definitely getting on camera. It was terrifying. And now it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t phase me, it doesn’t bother me because I am used to it, it’s familiar. Same for our clients as they get familiar with things.

Now, it could be that you’re at the stage where your business is bigger and you need to hire and that’s scary. Scary financially, scary from a leadership point of view, it’s scary from a letting go of control point of view. It’s scary for a number of reasons but that might be your next step that you know you can’t expand without having that team. It might be any number of things but figure out for yourself, “what’s the biggest thing that scares you right now?” on your journey to that vision that you have for your business, for your life.

Your business is mission oriented, when you focus on what you’re going to create, on who you are going to serve, on the positive impact that you can have on the world in your particular area of expertise -that’s what’s going to shrink that fear down. That’s what’s going to allow you to take those steps with not necessarily no fear whatsoever, but it’s going to allow you to lessen the fear because you’re so focused on the positive impact that it’s going to have. And I know you’re heart-centered and I know you have a really, really big mission to bring to the world from that space. And that’s really going to help you, focusing in on that rather than on the fear. As soon as you focus in on that, and we speak about this a lot, the fear just diminishes in comparison. It’s so, so inconsequential compared to the big vision and the people who you are going to help. And that is just an absolute honour and a privilege and just a reflection of who you are as a person.

Focus in on the next step for you to take in your business. And “eat that frog” is the very simple advice that I can give you. No more waiting, no more putting it off. As you sit on the sidelines, fear is only ever going to build. Jump in. Do the research, make sure that you’re not going in half-cocked. Make sure you do the right amount of research and make sure that you’re making the right decision for you and for your journey, but take the action this week. Whatever it is that you’ve been putting off, big, small, whatever it is….jump in and jump on to that task. Get it done and get it out of the way. This is going to create so much growth for you. Basically, what it does is it starts to change your identity. When you change your identity of how you define yourself, of who you define yourself as, that’s the key to unlocking so many doors, so many opportunities for you. When you change your identity, the action that you take aligns with your new identity instead of the old and remember that you’re only going to create new outcomes when you take new action.

What is it that you’ve been putting off?

What is it that scares you the most to do in terms of your growth for your business right now? Have a think, you can pause the video or you can do it after the video. Have a think, have a journal, have a meditate, have a connect. What is it for you? And what is the next action that you can take to make sure that that happens. If it’s a small task, take the whole action. If it’s a big task get it going. Get the ball rolling and commit to a date when it will be done. If you continue to do the things that scare you in your business, you are just going to grow continually and continually, not because of the action that you’ve taken but because of who you’re becoming along the journey. That’s always going to be the key. As you change your identity you change what’s possible for you and you change what you attract. Really, really powerful.

So, what scares you the most in your business right now? I would love to hear back from you guys. I would love to have some comments below the video, I would love to really, really tune-in with where you’re at and if there’s anything that we can do to help with that that’s exactly what we guide our clients through on the 4 month Transformation Program “The Awakened Entrepreneur”. It’s a total honour and a privilege for us to see people just taking off in their business just as we grew. We had somebody open up their second premises. We’ve had people jumping in to the Mastermind 12 month program early because they’re just flying with all the content and they’re getting their followers out there, they’re attracting so many more clients. It all comes from you. From your perspective, from what you’re willing to change within yourself and the fears you are willing to face. So, ask yourself that one question, what scares you the most? If you need help, if you need support, that’s exactly what we’re here for. We’ve helped so many women just like you to do these things. To have the tools to embrace that fear and to run at these challenges and to really enjoy the journey and expand who they are and what they can bring to the table.

So, if that’s you apply to join us for the 4 month transformation and it will be our honour and our privilege to help guide you through that. If not, that’s totally cool too but I would love you guys to share the video. Let’s get this message to as many amazing women just like you as possible and let the ripple effect change the world. Thanks for watching, as always I really appreciate your time.

Have fun with the exercise, let us know how you go. As always, we’re super-keen to connect with you guys and I’ll see you in our next blog.

In the meantime, live empowered and be inspired.

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