How to Re-Wire Your Mind For Success

Hey guys, Vicky Murgatroyd here from Life Empowerment Project. In today’s blog, I want to share with you the very basic steps of How To Rewire Your Mind For Success. Now, it’s very well known that success is completely a mental game. That being said, it is completely within your hands, within your control. You can create the life that you want. Those dreams that you have every night and even during the day, can all be realised when you just tweak a few things internally.

As you know, from what I always talk about, it’s all about aligning that internal world so that you external world can be created exactly how you want it to be.

So, let’s get straight on into today’s content.

One of the first steps that you need to take when you’re re-wiring your mind for success is focus. This sounds super simple, and we’re going to delve deep and discuss this aspect in detail today.

Focus your mind on your success. You should have a mission statement of exactly what your life will look like when you hit those levels of success that you truly desire. Financially, the people that you’ll have around you, the material rewards that you’ll get, and all kinds of other rewards – it might be travel, it might be family for you, whatever you want your life to look like, be super specific and have this laid out in a document.

Always be changing and tweaking your Mission Statement and your vision for your life. That is super important that you’re constantly on top of it – tweaking it, changing it – so it never stagnates. That is really key.

And coming back to focus. You should be looking at this document every single day. Using that to alter the way that you’re thinking as you go about your day. Primarily what this does is it creates an internal representation – an internal image of how your life is – because the document will be in present tense – and unconsciously you step into that image every time that you read it and think about it, and start identifying with that reality. That is the key.

At the minute, you’re being this certain person back here. What we need you to do in order to get to this new level of success, is to be that successful version of yourself now. Your thoughts, your feelings – be that person already. Because that is literally the only thing that is stopping you from actualising that level of success in your life.

So the key point there: focus on your success – ensure every goal is written out, I’ve talked about this in previous blogs (which you can check out here). But write it out as a full present tense of how your life is (in your ideal circumstances). This starts to change your thoughts, and change your feelings, and you step in to being that successful person now. That is the fundamental thing – you will not gain that level of success by being the person that you currently are. Just like if you went on a life-changing trip, you’d come back as a different person.

When you have massive success, you become a different person, there’s thoughts that will be tweaked along the way, feelings that will change, and lots of growth within you. The key for you, is to be that person now. To hone in so tightly on who that person is, that you just effortlessly step in to it. And as I say, your internal world aligns to that, and your external world can only follow. There is no way around it – it will naturally follow!

Another thing that I want to add to this scenario is something that a lot of people, a lot of development books, etc, often overlook. For us, this is the most fundamentally important thing, especially when you’re starting out your journey of personal development and making this big change. You’ve got to go within, and you’ve got to look at your past.

Your behaviours – all the things that are limiting you and preventing you – your beliefs, whatever it is for you, have been formed somewhere in your past. They’ve been formed for a reason and they continue to function for a reason as well. The key is to hone in on those beliefs, behaviours, limitations that are stopping you, that have been created in your past. Otherwise you’ll find it’s an uphill battle, where you’re constantly fighting this internal stuff that is going on. This is what I mean by aligning your internal so your external just falls into place. This is precisely what we want for you.

I’ve got a big offer for you guys today – I’ve got 10 completely free slots, we’re doing 45 minutes sessions, and 10 of them will be completely free. The first 10 people to respond to this blog – chuck your details in below so you can grab your free spot before they run out. What we’ll cover in this free 45 minute session for the first 10 people, is we’ll identify those things within your past that are creating those present day problems. It sounds a little bit woo-woo and a little bit out there, but I promise you, these are behaviours that ave been learned.

You’re born as a completely blank slate and you learn all your behaviours. This includes the behaviours that are limiting you. Undoing those is like your fast-track to success, and that is really your key to the ultimate success mindset. When you are that person, when you’re living that life that you’re dreaming about, and that you’re connecting more and more with every day; you don’t have those doubts, those limitations, or that emotional overwhelm. You’ve surpassed it. Now going by what we initially started off with, you’ll be all set. Become that person now. If there’s anything standing in your way, all that does is elongate that journey and make it harder and more effort for you to get there.

We want to help you to remove that obstacle – undo those beliefs, and get rid of those underlying emotions. 10 spots: free 45minute sessions. I have some time over the coming week, that’s when your session slot will be. I’d love to see you guys there.

For now, just a quick reminder. Focus in on your goals, BE that person who is living your dream life. Cannot stress that enough – be that person now. And finally, the absolute truth and key to your fast track success, is to undo the underlying limitations you’re experiencing, that are learned behaviours from somewhere in your past.

I can’t wait to see you guys there, I’ve made some great connections over the past few weeks from offering these sessions, which is why I want to do a massive special with 10 completely free slots to supercharge your success as soon as possible.

Thanks for watching guys and I can’t wait to see you in the next video.

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