How To Stop Holding Yourself Back (and step into Boss Mode)

how to stop holding yourself back

Hey guys, I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project, and today’s blog we’re discussing How To Stop Holding Yourself Back and Step into Boss Mode. As a female entrepreneur, as a woman in business, you are absolutely going to be confronted with your own fears, doubts, internal issues that you’ve got going on. This is fundamental for you to transcend in order for you to really fulfil what you’re here to do and make the impact that I know you’re here to make.

So we’re going to get straight into it. How you’re going to Stop Holding Yourself Back and Step Into Boss Mode.

When I say Boss Mode, what I mean is the woman who is in charge, driven, in flow; the woman who knows what she wants and knows exactly how to get there. We all have these moments, and our aim today is to make those moments much more long lasting, memorable and productive. To really step into taking control, and making that your way of life. As soon as you step into work, into that environment, you step straight into Boss Mode. You become the woman that makes the impact, just like that.

Of course, if we are going to get over what we’re using to hold ourselves back, the key and the fundamental aspect here is to identify. A lot of the time, our limitations are unconscious – and that is where the real problem comes in. When we are unconscious of what is going on, there’s no way we can change it. So it starts off with a little bit of homework if you like. Sit down and really reflect on what it is that’s holding you back. Identify your fears, identify any excuses that you’re making, and identify really what is stopping you. What comes to mind when you sit down, turn your attention inward, and refocus on what is going on for you. How often I hear fear of failure, fear of success, fear of putting yourself out there. Or ‘that’s just not me’, ‘I can’t do it’, ‘I’ve tried and I’ve failed’. All those things you’re telling yourself – when you’re talking, you’re listening! You’re reinforcing those old beliefs and mindset.

So my task to you, for you to stop holding yourself back for good, is to become consciously aware of these things, and make the conscious effort of switching up your thoughts. From there, that can become your new, more beneficial, unconscious habit. Becoem super aware of what you’re running in your mind and what it is specifically that you’re doing to create your current problem. Good or bad, you are the creator of your reality. It’s up to you – the outcome that you’re creating for yourself.

So identify your fears, identify any beliefs, any doubts, excuses – whatever is going on for you. We ALL have some. My excuse always used to be ‘I’m not there yet’ – I’d tell myself that I’m not at the stage where I can put myself out there to that level, or anything along those lines. That is a very cushy little excuse to hide behind for a long time.

Then you realise that, in order to have that confidence to take that next step, you have to take that next step and the confidence will come as a part of doing that. The confidence comes because you see yourself taking that step – and knowing you’re capable – regardless of the outcome! That is all part of stepping into Boss Mode.

When you’ve identified your ‘limitations’, the key is to start switching up your thoughts. How to do this, is to firstly get super clear on what Boss Mode is for you.

For me, Boss Mode is when I’m completely aligned and completely on purpose, I know exactly where I’m going and exactly how to get there. So I spend 20-30 minutes focusing on what I’m going to achieve that day, as soon as I’ve meditated for 15-20 minutes. That gets me straight into Boss Mode – straight into what Boss Mode means to me. I know I’m utilising that time and really making the most of it, and I know I can create whatever I want with that time.

For you, Boss Mode might be that you’re confident, you’re all over it – you know exactly who’s doing what and where you are. It might be that you’re running your own show and you know exactly what the next step is for you – all your upcoming plans are all lined up. Whatever it is for you is totally fine, so long as you identify it so you can work toward it.

The big secret to bring it all together is to be that person NOW.

That is fundamentally important. Just as important getting those underlying issues out into your conscious awareness, is to get conscious of what specifically it is that you’re looking for when you step into Boss Mode.

Who you want to be. And step into that NOW. Be that person now. Have the confidence, the drive, the passion. Focus on that every day.

If you catch your mind and thoughts slipping back into those old habits, switch them up. Go straight away into the posture of the woman who has everything you want, even breathe and move like the woman who has everything you want. Be that woman. Go into the internal voice. Everything it takes to stop the old, and BE THAT PERSON NOW. You have everything it takes within you to be that person now.

Let’s briefly recap. Stop holding yourself back and step into Boss Mode.

How specifically to do that: firstly, identify what is holding you back. What fears, excuses, limitations – whatever is holding you back. Then identify specifically how you’re going to be – who you’re going to be – when you’re in boss mode. And what that means to you. It’s totally personal, and that’s the beauty of it – unlocking those keys within your mind, that are going to supercharge your success.

Once you’ve got clear on what’s stopping you and what is your ideal scenario – how your life is going to be, then start switching up those thoughts. You’ll find those old fears and doubts will creep back in, and it’s totally natural. When I first started making videos, I’d spend ages trying to get it ‘right’ – now, it’s just a natural part of the process, mistakes and all! The key is doing it. Step into that person, have that confidence to do it in the first place. Emotions are all things that you can cultivate within yourself. It’s in your hands; it’s completely up to you.

Spend the next few weeks switching up your thoughts. It takes21 days for you to lay a completely new brain map over your old habits. This means that your old habits fade away, and your new habits take charge. 21 days to a new you – an unstoppable version of yourself. Not bad, huh?!

I’d love to see how you guys get on with this. I’d love for you guys, if you got value out of this, to share it. Subscribe if you’re on YouTube, share it on Facebook – whatever platform suits you, and help us reach as many women as possible. We want everyone to know that you have everything you could ever need to be totally and utterly successful in every way.

Take care guys and I’ll look forward to seeing you in the next video.

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