Sell With Heart

Fill your business with clients you love, build a killer reputation as a leader in your field and never struggle for money again.

Why Are So Many TALENTED Coaches Struggling For Clients & Money??

They think 'SALES' is a dirty word.

It connotes sleaziness and pushiness and manipulation and everything they stand against.

(or they're simply hoping potential clients will find them, already primed and ready to work with them...a hope which no successful coaching business was ever built on!)

But the fact is, they're doing their potential clients a disservice by not selling to them.  By not learning how to connect with them, understand exactly where they are, what they want, and how to bridge that gap.  Oh, and how to communicate that in a way that makes them feel safe and empowered.

Let me explain.  I work with people who know their stuff - who create phenomenal results with their clients and take great pride in doing so. Unfortunately, they're usually the ones who 'can't sell' or have all those negative stories around selling that keeps them from doing so.  Meaning plenty of potential clients never get to work with them - which means the potential clients never get those life-altering results that ARE possible for them, and the business owner stays in struggle too.

A lose-lose situation.

It's total bull, and I'm done with it.  It's time to get the truth of what sales really is into the hands of people who'll do amazing things for their clients and for the world.

What Changed The 'Sales Game' For Me?

I won't make any of this about numbers. It's not what it comes down to and it's not what will really motivate you into action. But since that quantifier is how a lot of our success is (unfortunately) measured, I'll tell you I've sold over a million dollars of my services over the phone and online to people.

To some, that's not the hugest number. There are people out there who manage ad accounts with a monthly revenue of this. I've done it over a few years, and I've done it in my own way. A way that's allowed me to build so many beautiful, connected, authentic relationships with my clients that I'll cherish forever.

But I started off HATING sales.

So what changed?

First, I got clear on why this was important for me to master. The clear understanding that IT IS NOT ABOUT ME!! The more I focused on the people I was helping, the more everything flowed.

Then, when I knew why I was doing it, I got some really, really good training. Over a series of years. And in between, I implemented everything I was learning, moulding it to what worked for me.

Then I started teaching other people to do the same.

And throughout all this, I saw in changing people's lives.

As a business owner as you learn how to truly stand in your certainty and sell from a place of heart and truth and loving leadership, you become magnetic and influential.

And those clients you magnetise and positively influence, the changes you help them to create transform their f$%&ing LIVES.

Chloe. Australia

We’ve tripled our client base - within the first six months we doubled them and in the last six months it’s almost doubled we are opening a second studio. Learning to focus my mind and energy was a huge shift and from that it was a carry on effect - huge amounts of clients coming through the door, clients staying and clients happy!

  • - Breathe Pilates -

Where, When, How?

Who Is Sell With Heart For?

  • FEMALES! (Sorry, fellas!) We create female-only events to hold space for epic empowerment and a coming-together of like-minded souls
  • You've got amazing skills to offer but no idea how to get it out to the world
  • You're qualified in your modality and have a big vision to impact lots of lives
  • You're established in business and seeing clients already - just not enough of them on a regular basis
  • The clients you do see get phenomenal results from working with you
  • You want to run a successful business that really makes a difference
  • You want to learn how to make money through your dream business so you can change your life and the lives of others
  • You're willing to do what it takes to turn this idea into a profitable business
  • You're in this for the long term, there's no plan B option for you - this is it!
RESERVE MY SEAT$47 today instead of $97 on the door

Dani. Australia

 I’m calling in my ideal clients that set my soul on fire… I’ve got a handful of amazing women that I’m working with and I’m moving online to do more of 1:many so I can work less but give more of myself to the women I'm working with so they can achieve phenomenal results! What I was doing a year ago has grown exponentially to what I’m doing now.

  • - Dani Vitality -

Fixing your relationship with sales is the only way you can reach everyone that needs your help and build a business that really makes a difference.


What Will You Learn?

Market YOU to YOUR Clients

We are tireddd of hearing that you need to be more extroverted or do the hard sell to really grow your business. It's outdated, and it's damaging our industry. We'll show you how to weave YOU through your business, so the clients you attract are amazing to work with.

How To Talk About Your Business

You need to know how to talk about your business in a way that fully shows your talents and what you do for your clients, so they know they HAVE to work with you - and so this flows off your tongue in every situation.

Stop The Sell

The key mistakes most young businesses make when pitching/selling/sharing their offer, and the simple remedy you need so that people are asking you how they can work with you, and you feel confident delivering it.

Visible To Thousands Of The RIGHT People

Once we've nailed your 3-Step System with you, it's time to share with you how you can take it to thousands more people, build a reputation that precedes you and 'pre-qualifies' people so only the right people get through to speak to you.

Attract New Clients Week In Week Out

To have a booming business in this space, you need to have clients! And a consistent flow of them. This part of your business needs to be systemised to secure your growth and your income. And we'll show you how.

Master More Than Platforms

Marketing is too often taught to us in 'platforms' - how to use Facebook or Instagram or email, but unless you know these commanding principles, you'll never keep up with the ever changing online world! When you master the principles though, you'll master all the platforms - guaranteeing you clients!

Rise Above Your Competition

The coaching space is growing, and  fast, so we'll show you exactly what you need to stand out from the crowd so you've got no one competing on your level.  If you know you can provide huge results for them, it's your responsibility to get this right.


How to bring out the best of you and what you do - your business is so much more than your modality - and by communicating that, you become the go-to authority in your niche in no time - people are signing up to work with you no matter what your prices!

Elisha. Australia

"This has been one of the best things I've ever done. Not only has it helped immensely with my business but in my personal life as well.  Vicky's energy, knowledge and passion for her clients is absolutely amazing.  Her caring but no bullsh*t attitude and approach is exactly what I needed to push me through barriers and achieve more than I could have imagined.”

  • - Your Girl Friday -
RESERVE MY SEAT$47 today instead of $97 on the door

What's The Investment?

The live event is valued at $997

You can join us for the Early Bird Price of

$47 AUD

Or $97 on the door (if enough tickets remain)

Places are limited and will sell out fast. If you're seeing this page it means there's still space for you to join us.

RESERVE MY SEAT$47 today instead of $97 on the door

Emma O'Sullivan

I sold out my group program! A short time ago, I would have been too scared to do this!. The biggest win is overcoming particular fears, that has allowed me to implement things in the business that leverage my time.

  • - Woman On Fire -

Who Is Vicky Murgatroyd?

Hey I'm Vicky

My life couldn't have looked more different seven years ago, and I'm so grateful to the person who battled through my considerable resistance to show me what this crazy personal development world was really about!

From there, I dove in and after some huge life changes I knew this was something I had to share. I moved to Australia, set up business, started working with clients and seeing them change in just the ways I had.  The business grew exponentially until I had to find a way to get it out to more people without the limitations of my time!

By working with the women whose mission it is to help others, I knew I could help create a tribe of incredibly powerful coaches, practitioners and healers who could make a huge impact in the world. I had no idea I'd create a whole new family doing just that!

My business grew hugely, my team began to grow, and the people who we were working with mirrored all those results - influencing more and more people themselves and building fierce reputations within the industry.

That is what it's all about!

I LOVE the women we work with.  I love seeing people step out of their shell and really own the power they have to make a difference in people's lives.

But in order to make that difference, you have to know how to sign new clients week in week out.  You know you can deliver big results, how it's time to do that on a bigger scale.

" Do something today that your future self will thank you for "

RESERVE MY SEAT$47 today instead of $97 on the door

Hannah Sawyer

My pay check is bigger than it’s ever been which is amazing and I’ve hit two huge milestones in my business. I feel so much more confident, I know where my business is going and I know I can achieve everything I want now. I’ve really stepped up and as a result my team have all stepped up too!

  • - The Fit Nurse -

Amazing Results

Ready For Results Like These?

Come and join us, we'd love to support you!

RESERVE MY SEAT$47 today instead of $97 on the door

Your Investment In You

The live event is valued at $997

You can join us for the Early Bird Price of

$47 AUD

Or $97 on the door.

Places are limited to 12 as we want an intimate environment where we ensure everything you learn is applied to your specific business. If you're seeing this page it means there's still space for you to join us.


Claire Oats

"To date this has been the single most life changing process I have been through. These ladies are experts in their field, but it is their humility, passion and determination to make a difference that really projects them as true leaders. They are with you every step of the way offering support and guidance, and when you have no idea what to do next, they show you the way. If you are lucky enough to get a place with Vicky, then grab it with both hands. Find a way to make it work and don't look back. I would trust these ladies with my business and personal development a million times over.

  • - Animal Energy Therapies -

So Excited To See You There!

Vicky xx