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There are WAY too many seriously talented coaches, healers and wellness practitioners out there that are the best kept secrets.

You're amazing at what you do, but that hasn't lead to people flocking to your door.  The clients you do work with get amazing results, but you're not working with enough to make the huge impact you know is possible...yet.

I'm Vicky Murgatroyd and I brought you this masterclass to help this be a thing of the past.  There are people out there waiting for your services - you just need to know these few tweaks to your business that you were never taught when you learned your modality, so your services become irresistible and amazing clients come flooding to your door.

THE SHIFTS we revealed on the masterclass:

  • Creating a powerful message around your business that magnetises those perfect clients straight to you
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake I see most coaches and practitioners making that repel potential clients
  • Why some people in this space take off, and others just fade away - and how you can ensure you stay in the first category
  • How to take your feelings towards SALES from dread to dream and convert way more prospects along the way
  • Mindset, Mindset, Mindset - hacks to take you from vaguely magnetic to absolutely irresistible (that don't involve anything other than YOU!)

Who's Your Host?

Vicky Murgatroyd's inspiration for what she does comes from her own journey, as is so often the case.  She was an inspired newly qualified practitioner so excited about helping people change their lives, with absolutely no clue about business, how to grow, scale or create the impact she envisioned.

She fought her way to some big results, but it was just that - a fight.  A totally draining, time-consuming, and inauthentic path that was nowhere near sustainable.

So she found a better way - a way that energises her, allows her to grow and be present and enjoy life while she creates even bigger results.

And Life Empowerment Project is testament to that; 18 months in and thriving with phenomenal clients and amazing turnover. Now, Vicky shows other women the way out of that same space she found herself trapped in - and the way into freedom, inspiration, impact, success, abundance and a massively happy life.

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Enter Your Details Get To Instant Access To The Masterclass:

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