My Story

So as is the case for so many people, my journey into personal development became more of a necessity than a choice at that time or a willing choice most certainly and that came about awhile after my mum had passed.

Watch the video or read below to hear how this all came to be……



She had been ill for quite some time, in and out of remission and she was amazing.  She was incredible.  She was so strong, so powerful in who she was and just incredible.  But as it went, she passed away and in whatever way I was trying to manage to cope with this I kinda decided to do things that were out of character for me, decided to do things that were bad for me.

After I’d got back from dealing with mums funeral and everything like that, I was living away at university at the time, a few weeks afterwards found out from a very good friend of mine that my partner been cheating on me while I was away and it was just like everything changed so much in those weeks that it was just nothing to grasp onto whatsoever.

And of course I was at university so I would go out and have a drink and that would make me exceptionally emotional, basically letting out all the stuff that I was trying desperately to hold onto because ‘I’m fine, just look here, I’m fine, I’ve got it all together, it’s ok,’ just like we always do.

Then I started to take a lot of drugs and when I took drugs then I could be social and I could be fun and I could be entertaining and I could really feel ok again, I could really feel fine, I could really feel bubbly and happy. Very quickly that became the only way that I could feel those things  and obviously that’s where a real addiction comes in and I made myself very ill doing that and I was just clutching at straws, trying to be ok, doing things that would make me less and less ok, obviously doing the best with what I could at the time.  Hence the journey into personal development began and a very very very amazing person in my life took me through a process that got rid of a lot of the emotion.

I was studying journalism, my mum had been in the pharmacy department at our local hospital, we were very much science and fact and everything else and the idea of mindset work and things like that were so incredibly foreign and honestly I would have laughed at it and then I experienced it. 

Of course feeling is believing, I know they say seeing, but feeling most definitely was believing.

In the process that I was taken through everything changed.  The freedom that it gave me was incredible.

I could breathe again.

I could feel like myself again.

I could start to recognize who I was again and this happened over a very very short period of time, because the emotion that was driving all that negative behaviour, all that panic, all that stress, my inability to sleep or eat, it was all gone.

The drugs faded away very quickly, I got back to myself and I realised the absolute power that we have within ourselves and I began to find my way back to the person who my mum had raised me to be and I knew that that was a massive shift in my path for me. That this message was so much bigger than I could have ever imagined and this was something that I had to share with other people.

What a phenomenal gift to be able to find that freedom again that I don’t even know if I had it before, all that stuff, it was just such a new level of expression of freedom of presence and peace within myself, that I knew I had to share it.  And the journey into sharing that with other business women became, after I’d worked for a few years at clinic, one to one with people and creating these astounding changed in people, with people, that were just firing up all parts of their lives and I knew that if we could work with women in that capacity who were helping other people, who could then be the messenger of that message, the message, the message would just spread; and hence the ripple effect would really take hold and would really take over.  That is where the true inspiration for Life Empowerment Project came in.

The more women that I work with, the more women who get the message and really switch on and really connect with that deep, amazing, unstoppable power that they are, not with having to have everything perfect, but with knowing that they are perfect right where they are, right when they are and giving that message out just by being themselves, that is the very foundation of life empowerment project and that is where everything I have learned and experienced so far has led me to be, allowed me to be, and to spread this message, and even to one person is a phenomenal gift, but I want to spread it to a hundred thousand women.  That’s a big big vision.  That’s a big hairy audacious goal that lights my fire that makes me jump out of bed in the morning and just loving giving this gift to as many people as possible.

So I hope that introduction to Life Empowerment Project and where the heart centre of our business lies, I hope it connects your deeply with us, I hope you get in touch, I hope you connect with us and I would love to connect with you too.  It’s always a pleasure to connect with amazing women.  If you’re on that journey, if you need any help ascending the troubles that you’re experiencing right now, really coming who you’re meant to be, growing into that amazing woman who has that message to share, coz I know you do, then we would love to be in touch.  Make sure you get in touch and make sure that you live empowered and be inspired.



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