One Instant Shift To Take The Pressure Off

Hey guys I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project and in this week’s vlog, I want to share with you one of my fundamental shifts that has created loads of space, loads more time, taken loads of pressure off, made me feel connected to a higher power and totally supported in my journey.  This is a massive shift from how I used to be in terms of controlling every little aspect and really stressing about a lot of things.  So I want to share it with you so you get the same benefits too.



So I know I’m not alone here, in the entrepreneurial world, of wanting to control a lot of what goes on around me.  Of wanting to really kind of micro-manage all the details, making sure everything’s running smoothly and that has led me to increased pressure, increased stress etc.  It doesn’t actually lead me to any greater results; in fact it does the exact opposite.

It has detrimental effects on my results and on my happiness which is obviously what I want to put first and foremost in front of anything else.

So I made this shift on the recommendation of a very good friend of mine and she said simple ‘Stop asking what you can do and what you need to do and ask instead what the universe can do for you.

At first I was little bit like I’m not sure about this at all and then I put it into practice because I’m open-minded, I’m willing to give anything a good go and I did and it had a great great great effect.  Not only did I feel an instant shift in pressure, a really slight, but really noticeable shift in my perspective and what that was, was I started to look at things in terms of space.

How much space could I open up for miracles to occur?  How much space could I open up for the unexpected to drop in a positive way?  So instead of trying to micromanage, it was really that taking a step back and so instead of being in this controlling space, where I was forcing action, I stepped back into a space of allowing and surrender simply by asking what the universe could do for me.

This is a regular practice that I’ve started doing.  Now when I write out my weekly plan, which I always do on a Sunday, I write out the steps that I want to complete next week in terms of growth in the business and I write out the rough structure of what’s going to go on per day and then I ask what the universe can do for me.

So perhaps I have a big event coming up.  Perhaps the universe could send me just the right person in the audience who needs to hear my message and connect with my message, who is going to offer me a great big opportunity.  Something along the lines of that.  It might be as simple as the universe can open up a space for an amazing new client who I had no expectation of appearing, to appear.  Anything at all.  But what it does is connects you with that higher power.  It allows you to know that something else is working in your favour.  It allows you to take your foot off the gas a little bit, instead of the control freak trying to get to the destination as quick as possible and just that in itself is a beautiful shift.  But then the external shifts happen because of course the internal shifts have happened and again, miracle do show up when you create space for them.  When we’re micro managing and there’s loads of pressure and loads of stress all we do is attract more of that stuff.

So my huge recommendation to you to take the pressure off for yourself ask not only what you can do, but also what the universe can do for you.  Very simple, but a very very very profound shift that is making all the difference and it’s a practice that I really and the more I do it, the more connected I feel.  So you’re literally just asking what the universe can do for you, allow the space in your calendar for miracles to occur and just notice what a difference it makes in your week.

I’d love to hear how you go with this, always keen to hear your guys feedback.  If this really worked for you, why don’t you tell us about it, hoping is over in the transformation space for fierce, female entrepreneurs and I would love to hear your feedback about how you got the universe working for you and what miracles occurred in your life as a result.

If you enjoyed today’s vlog I’d love for you to share it with your friends, make sure they get the answers as well and I will look forward to seeing you in next week’s vlog, where I’ve got loads more magic for you.  In the meantime live empowered and be inspired.


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