Remove Your Money Blocks With The Free Flow Four

Hey guys I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project, and a very warm welcome to this week’s blog. This week I’ve got a tongue twister, so I’ll see if I can catch myself out with it! The Free Flow Four – these four simple steps are going to help you remove your money blocks for good.

This is a problem I’m hearing time and time again from the women I’m speaking from. Money blocks are a huge thing – there is an abundance of wealth all around us. If you are experiencing money troubles it’s probably because you’re blocking your energy flow in terms of money – so I want to teach you the Free Flow Four to allow you to be free of that finally and receive as you are meant to, and therefore be able to give with abundance as well!



Number 1 of the Free Flow Four

Open Yourself Up To Receiving.


As I said earlier, so many of us actually physically block ourselves from receiving money and abundance in various forms.

Connect with the fact that you do deserve it, and you can – just like we said in last week’s blog – affirm every day to yourself that you are worth it, that you do deserve it. Connect yourself to the fact that there is abundance around you, and just be open to have that flow into your life.

Remember that money is a magnifying glass. If you are the amazing person that I’m sure you are, then that’s going to allow you to be amazing on a whole new level. If you’re an arsehole already…it’ll probably magnify that as well! But as I say, money is a magnifier – when you open yourself up to receiving it, you’re opening yourself up to all the good you’ll be able to do with that money as well.

So affirm to yourself every day that I am worth it and I do deserve this…and feel abundant now!

That flows perfectly into…


Number 2 of the Free Flow Four

Feel Abundant Now.


Notice the abundance all around you. You can go outside and know there’s air to breathe. You can switch on the tap and there’s water to drink – although maybe don’t drink tap water! – but there is an absolute abundance of everything all around us. We are very very fortunate to live the life that we live, in the places that we live as well.

When you connect with the abundance all around you, and get grateful for that, that really starts to open you up to receiving further abundance. So feel abundant now, notice the abundance all around you. The abundance of love, happiness, of choice, freedom, etc! Be open to feeling abundant now. Remember, you are a magnet – whatever you are feeling is what you’ll attract. If you put out ‘wanting’ energy – that you want money, for instance, all you’ll receive is that ‘wanting’ energy back. When you FEEL abundant now, you’ll receive abundance back to you. You’re a magnet – utilise that fact!


Number 3 of the Free Flow Four


Be really aware of the scarcity versus abundance mindset.

The minute you’re in that scarcity mindset – remember the magnet thing – you’re going to attract more and more of that. Get in that abundant mindset by feeling grateful now. When you connect with that gratitude every single day, everything will open up to you. You’ll start receiving things from here there and everywhere. Never try to determine the ‘how’ – the Universe will provide in many many ways, but every time you try to determine the way it will provide, you take infinite potential and shrink it down to a finite possibility.

Stay open to the receiving of abundance from any way in any source, and feel grateful now in order to invite that in.

The second part of the third of the free flow four, is to feel grateful for the money that you have now. A lot of us can just look to wanting more money because we think it will provide us with something. Get grateful for the money you have now. Be careful with it, be respectful of it, treat money as if you were in a relationship with it, give it the attention that it deserves and make sure you are checking in on it! Don’t just leave it in the corner and hope it will sort itself out – be grateful for it, look after it really well, and keep yourself connected to it.


Number 4 of the Free Flow Four:

Have A Purpose For Your Money


When you have a higher purpose for your money, what it tends to do is take the emotion out of it.

An awesome book to read is T Harv Eker’s Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. He talks about splitting your cash as it comes into your accounts so it has a purpose. A proportion will go to your investment account, some to your spending account – your ‘fun fund’, some will go to your mortgage, your food account, your personal development account or whatever it is that floats your boat. Finally on that list is your bills account.

It has a higher purpose than just going out to all your bills, and therefore you invite more money in. The more organised I’ve got around my money, the more wealth I’ve built in my life. It is a direct correlation in terms of that. I used to have money come in, and it would immediately go out again. There was no organisation, I wasn’t diligent with it, I didn’t give it any resect, and therefore it didn’t stay with me for very long!

The more you organise your money and have a higher purpose, the better. The more you will build that wealth and the more you will invite it in. The organisation takes the emotion out of it. By having a higher purpose, you become more logical about your money, take the emotion out of it and therefore invite more in.

If you’re constantly up and down in your emotions about your money, the Universe is never going to hand you more of that thing, because it knows that you won’t be able to handle it. Take emotion out of it, the more level you become and the more you invite money into your life easily and effortlessly.


To recap: The Free Flow Four – free yourself from old money blocks.

Step Number 1: Open yourself up to receiving by affirming daily that you do deserve it and you are worth it.

Step Number 2: Feel abundant NOW. Notice where you go into scarcity and where you want to scrimp and save and hold all your money for yourself. Be abundant wherever you can. The money will come in ebbs and flows, and that’s how it’s meant to be. The minute you try to hold tightly onto it is the minute it will dwindle away by sliding through your fingers.

Step Number 3: Feel grateful. Be grateful for what you have now – the money and everything else in your life. That gratitude will attract more and more of what you want into your life.

Step Number 4: Have a purpose for your money. If you’ve got a big event coming up or a holiday, you’ll always create that money for it. When you do that for all of your money, there will always be an abundance of it. Have a higher purpose, take the emotion out, and all of a sudden you’ll invite that wealth it.

That’s your recap of your Free Flow Four to allow those money blocks to dissipate and for you to live a wealthy life.


Implement away, and let me know how you get on. I’m really keen to hear your guys feedback. If you’re not in our group yet, join the Business Women’s Empowerment Group on Facebook – it’s awesome to open up the conversation in there

If you’re struggling to implement any of these – because implementation is of course the key – that is your money blocks talking. That is the exact reason why you’re struggling with your money so far! Push beyond it, come out the other side and you’ll have organisation, gratitude, you’ll be feeling amazing and that wealth will be flowing into your life. Again, if you feel any resistance to that, that’s the block talking – move beyond it and make something extraordinary!

Hope this has helped guys, it’s been fantastic having you here as it always is. I cannot wait to see you on next week’s blog. In the mean time – live empowered and be inspired!


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