Revealed: THE Mindset Secret (Your Shortcut To Success)

Revealed: THE Mindset Secret (Your Shortcut to Success)

Hey ladies, I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project, and in today’s blog I want to briefly go over the Mindset Formula that is going to be your Shortcut to Success.

This comes about as a question from one of our older clients, who has finished our 8 Week program. She put it to us – how is it that people don’t know this stuff, that she knows so well now?

To get down to the raw basics…how we usually experience the world, is that we think we’re watching a movie. We think we’re watching this screen, as things play out around us.

In actual fact, you are the projector.

We are the ones putting our ideas, our beliefs, our perspectives out there, and that is how we experience the world. Purely through our own eyes.

The quicker you realise that, the quicker you realise that you’re the one in control. You’re driving the bus. Nobody else is.

So just as we mentioned last week, all the things you’re running through in your head, the things you’re thinking about., and where you’re putting your focus, that is what you’re going to be bring about. That is what you’ll actualise in your external reality.

If you’re focusing on your lack of clients, or lack of time, or anything at all negative, you’re going to bring that about. The Tony Robbins saying – where focus goes, energy flows, sums this up perfectly. The problem is, we usually put our focus naturally on what we think is ‘wrong’ – and therefore bring more of that into our lives.

The biggest mindset secret you can be let in on, is that you are the projector. By working on the projector, you change your entire experience of life. It really is that simple. But most people, they’re stuck in a world of trying to change the outside world. You cannot change the movie without realising that you’re the director. As an entrepreneur, THAT is your shortcut to success.

Go to the source, make those changes from deep within you, and you’ll open up the whole world to yourself.

You will not get success when you continue to walk around with this ball and chain around your ankle. The ball and chain of your old beliefs and old thought patterns – the things that have so far been creating your problems.

You need a mindset shift in order to create the solutions and create the life that you really desire. Shift your thoughts, feelings, and patterns of behaviour (which are driven by your thoughts and feelings), and you’ll change your entire life. It’s a total paradigm shift. It makes you realise truly how much power you have.

I’ll leave you with one thought today.

We often associate ourselves as being the voice in our head. We think that ‘that’s just how I think’ or ‘that’s just how I am’ or ‘that’s just how I respond to things’ – the fact that you’re aware of that, shows that that’s NOT what you are. You are the awareness behind all of that, the awareness that recognises and acknowledges your thoughts, feelings and behaviours – and when you step into that power – and some people aren’t ready yet to step into that power – but when you do, literally the entire world opens up around you.

I can’t tell you how long I lived being completely miserable, just being a part of the movie, a spectator, a victim to the storyline, before I actually stepped into the role of director, producer, or creator. And as soon as I did, my entire life changed. I’m not going to lie, it takes balls and it takes a real willingness to change your life for the better – but it’s worth the effort a million fold!

You’re already doing your thing; trying to impact the world, and chasing your dream. By changing you – the projector – your world will change in no time whatsoever. You’re already putting in the effort, now let go of the ball-and-chain and get rewarded for that effort!

Remember, success starts with you.

Thanks for your time as always guys and I will catch you next week.

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