🎥⭐️So You Want To Be A Coach⭐️🎥 Episode 1: The ‘Instant Money’ Formula

If we’re pulling back the curtain of the BS that’s pushed way too often, money had to be the place to start.

“Just start a business and you’ll be able to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars and live like the people you follow on Instagram.”

“How I earn 6-figure months.”


*Cue eye roll…


The truth is, you can earn amazing income doing what you love, but it’s not as easy as snapping your fingers – and being sold that notion is doing way more harm than good.  When those numbers aren’t easily attained, people believe they’re ‘failing’ or are just incapable.

Here we’ll shovel the sh!t out of the way and make sure you’re deeply connected in a way that will allow you to build a business that actually creates wealth over the long term, and gives back to others as well as you.



We’d love to know what you think, and some of the reasons you got into business for yourself!


Tune in for the next episode, can’t wait to see you there.


  • Ruth Gonzalez

    February 8, 2019

    Thank you Vicky! This video just clarified that I’m in the right group to fulfill my purpose & grow my business.
    Much gratitude to you for sharing your words of wisdom🙏

    • Vicky Murgatroyd

      March 7, 2019

      Thanks so much Ruth! So glad it clarified that for you, and LOVE that you’ve got such a purpose behind you 🙂