Stop Marketing Until You Have This In Place

This week I want to focus on saving you some money. There is nothing like getting your marketing working for you and having those leads and clients flowing in – it’s a beautiful feeling but this is a huge gap that most people are missing that is leaving them loads of money on the table and in fact wasted them loads of money in marketing, full stop.

So, there are loads and loads of coaches out there that are pushing to help you set up your funnel or push you to help you advertise and help you launch Facebook ads and all the rest of it.

But what I want you to do before you do any of that is to pull it back.

There is something that must be in place before you start any of that that is going to determine the success of all that stuff.

You can have a really successful funnel when all of this is in place, you can have really successful Facebook ads when this is in place but NOT before. Anything you put out there in advance of this being done will just fall flat.

That is very simply 2-fold. Your messaging and your offer. 2 things that are really really important.

So, specifics. Your messaging.

What does your business represent?
What does it do?
Why would someone want to work with you?
What are they going to walk away with?
Who is it for?

Get really clear, otherwise what you put out there is generic and when you try to speak to everyone you speak to no one. Specificity is absolute key.

Break the mold, get really specific and really niche down in that and it will set you apart completely. You will become the expert in that space.

The messaging of the business – I want to be able to land on your stuff whether that be a video, your website, a landing page or even social media. I want to land on there and know immediately is this for me or is this not for me.

As soon as there is grey area then you have lost me. Because you literally have seconds now and that keeps getting shorter and shorter and our attention span is lower and lower because everything now happens immediately. You literally have seconds to grab someone’s attention.

Is this for me or is this not for me?

That will determine the success of your stuff.

So, who is it for?
How do you help?
What problems do you solve?
And what solutions are you providing?

AND it has to be in their words. Not yours. That’s the key.

You know what you’re talking about and you often speak in jargon and the language of the expert which is not the language of your ideal client. And that is where so many people are missing out.

Because their message is solid but it doesn’t translate to the audience they are speaking to.

So again – when I land on your stuff is this for me or is this not for me.

Imagine if I land on your website or your video or your advert and everything that I read in there just ticks the boxes of exactly what has been going on in my head. What do I do?

I trust you immediately. I think this person understands me. This person knows my problems. They know what I want and they obviously know how to help me.

That is the key – now messaging is not the easiest thing to come up with BUT it’s well worth the time and research and well worth you connecting with and making sure it lands with who you want to work with.

When somebody lands on your stuff, they should answer yep this is for me or for the people who you don’t want no this isn’t for me.

So, you really want to be able to polarize people. Be super specific in your message and make sure that person who you ARE wanting to attract immediately knows that they can like you, trust you and you understand them.

So, messaging is number one.

The second prong is your offer.

How does someone work with you?
Or what are they going to get out of your freebie for example.

If you’re putting together a funnel to attract people and build your list, then you will market to those people and build that trust, then turn them into client.

So, what is the offer?

Is it a freebie that is going to offer them x results?

It’s not general it’s specific.

When you’re messaging is clear, your offer becomes that much clearer to create.

That goes from your freebies all the way to your main page services – whatever that will be.

Messaging + Offer. I promise you, that once you get those two things sorted your marketing is going to get so much more of an ROI. You’re going to earn loads more money, you’re going to build loads more trust, you’re going to bring on board so many more clients AND of course, change so many more lives!

Take the money off the table that you have been spending on advertising until you have those things nailed – and then when you do put the money back on the table you will generate so much more.

Because people will understand your message, understand your offer, understand your business and know that YOU are the one to help them.

Absolutely critical and crucial right now especially as the space gets more and more filled and more and more crowded. In terms of your advertising Facebook and Social Media in general – it’s all getting more crowded. But if you can break the mold, get specific you will just dominate in the industry.

So, spend your time and energy to do the research. Talk to people who would be your ideal client and understand in their words what they are desperate to have solved and what they are desperate to leave behind in their past and the solutions they want to walk away with.

Do those things, get them on point and I promise you your marketing will take off, the business will boom and you will build heaps of trust and you will over deliver in terms of the results that t you are promising and of course that is where your magic comes in.

That is where you start to get referrals, that’s where the business starts to build authority and that is where you get to live your life’s work. Doing what you are here to do.

I hope this has helped, if this is something that you are struggling with please put your details in here and we will have a great chat about it. One of our team will help understand exactly what is going on in your business, exactly what is missing and exactly how to get you to the next stage.

To understand your audience, building your trust and authority and becoming the go to person in our niche.

Pop your details here for a complimentary call with the team and let’s get started making that huge change in your business.

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