Stop Thinking You Have Time!

Hey lovely and welcome to this week’s blog. I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project and I’ve got one thing to say to you! Once timely reminder! Stop thinking that you have time!!

How often is it that you find yourself saying ‘oh I’ll do that tomorrow’ or ‘I’ll do that next week’ or ‘I couldn’t fit it in this week, I’ll put it off until I’m ready to do it.

Do you know what’s talking there? Honestly? It’s your fear!

You can have the biggest revelations that about amazing things that are going to make great progress for your business, create massive growth – but you put it on the back burner, let it slip, and think I’ll get to that later and do it when I’m ready!

STOP thinking that you have time! That’s the absolute growth killer for your business – you presuming that you have time!

The quicker you implement these steps, the quicker you take them, the more pepped up you are and the more inspired you are about doing these things, the different energy you’re emitting an the different things you attract to you! Oh, and the more you’re getting done! The more productive you are and the more able you are to follow through on those things and see them producing massive results, the more it boosts your confidence. It’s a cyclical thing.

The flip side of that is, the more you put these things off, the more you tell yourself unconsciously I’m not ready, I can’t do that, not yet, etc…the more that reinforces your doubt and your lack of support for yourself.

Think of an idea, one thing – and you might have thought of it before, it doesn’t have to be brand new – but one thing that you know is going to create massive growth for your business – and put it into practice!

Your one task from me this week: put it into practice! Shoot us a message back as soon as you’ve done it and let us know:

a) how you felt when you did it


b) the results that you create!

It’s an absolutely amazing feeling when you get to the other side of that old fear, because that’s all it is. The fear is the only thing that stops you putting things into practice – sometimes we dress it up as something else, but it’s just fear. And more often than not, it’s the fear of the unknown. And the fear of success comes into that category because we haven’t known the levels of success yet that we know we can create!

That fear is your biggest growth killer. That presumption that you have time and you can do it in the future and that there will be another opportunity for you to put that into practice ‘when you’re ready’. Let me tell you, that never happens!

In the past, I’ve set goals and thought that’s definitely going to happen, I’ll definitely put that into practice! 12 months later I’m looking back and realising that I never got round to it, I never put it into practice! My challenge to you is STOP thinking you have time! Pick one massive piece of growth activity that you can implement in your business this week, and DO IT!

One of the best ways to overcome fear is to focus on how you’ll feel when you’ve done it. Focus on how you’ll feel in the future when you’ve got that result for your actions and THAT is the best cycle you can get yourself in. That is momentum, inspiration that keeps you moving, keeps you stepping out of that comfort zone and experiencing new things and new heights of success.

My one piece of advice for this week – stop thinking you have time and do it now! Reinforce that belief that you have got everything it takes – that you are unstoppable!

As always, if you need any help in putting these things into practice in getting out of your own road, get in contact with us. We offer that free initial chat to see if we can help you any further and absolutely smash those fears, because they aren’t you! You have so much more to offer and the only thing that’s ever going to stop you bringing that into fruition is you! Fine-tune YOU and you’re able to get any result you’ve ever wanted and more.

Stop thinking you have time, take one piece of massive growth action this week and let us know how it goes. Let’s carry on this conversation; we love to hear back from you guys. It’s an amazing feeling being surrounded by the game0changers – and you are one of them! Just waiting on your action steps!

Get in contact as soon as you’ve done it and let us know, and I can’t wait to see you guys on next week’s blog.



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