The Fundamental Difference Between You and the Wildly Successful

The Fundamental Difference Between You and the Wildly Successful

Hey guys I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project, and welcome to this week’s blog.

This week, I want to get down into a really hot topic – this particular topic has allowed me to go from where I used to be about five/six years ago when I was stressed unhappy and completely and utterly broke, to being successful in my own right, to be able to help people and live in absolute unwavering happiness.

This is the absolute key to the Universe and the key to your success. Stay tuned; I can’t wait to share this with you.

This is a pattern that I notice more and more with my clients. When I get them on the phone initially and we do the initial consult, then they’re in the state of being at effect. They are at the effect of the world. “This happened, and therefore I haven’t lived my dream yet” or “so and so said this, and therefore all my motivation went out the window and I did nothing” or “when the right circumstances appear, then I’ll go after my dream life…but until then, I’ll just wait!”

Now that is a common thing, not only through the women I’m speaking with, but through the world as a whole. The more and more time I’m spending with really successful happy connected people, the more I’m noticing this is the key distinction.

They are at CAUSE.

They are fully owning the fact that they are the creator, that they are their biggest resource in terms of getting what they want, creating that life they want, and living exactly how they want to live. They know that they are the creator. Now, there’s this end of the scale, when you’re at the ‘effect’ of the world – this happened, and therefore I’m like this.

Then there’s the other end of the scale where you power and happiness lies – and that is where your power lies. It doesn’t matter if those things that have happened are bad or good – it’s indifferent. When you are at cause, you take the responsibility and that is your seat of power. Most people live in a state of being at the effect of stuff and waiting until things work out – take those reins, grab hold of the responsibility and know you are the creator! YOU are at cause.

Imagine this week, that you have a projector coming through the back of your head. Rather than this being the world that you’re seeing, this is the world that you are projecting. The more you work on you, the more in touch with yourself you are, the more you can create anything that you want.

Good or bad, take the control and this shows the Universe something completely different about you. You will not get to that success that you want, if you stay at the effect of the world.

We all have bad days, and off days, and that’s absolutely fine. Fundamentally though, you want to come from a place of cause. The minute that you slip to effect is the minute that everything becomes overwhelming. It becomes too much to take, but the minute you stand back into cause, knowing that you are the creator, you take your power back, you’re behind the wheel again, and nothing can ever steer you off course from that perspective. That is where your power lies. That’s where your happiness, success, your love lies! You being at cause, you are the creator – embrace that and you create a completely different reality for yourself. I guarantee it! The more you’re coming from cause in business, is the more control you have, the more growth you will create, and of course, as I always say it’s about the happiness along the journey as you create it. All you have to do is stand up, take responsibility, know that you are the creator and doors will open for you absolutely everywhere.

As I said, this is THE thing, the one thing if I could give you any single tip from my experience of going from where I didn’t want to be, to where I really want to be, THAT is it!

Go from being at the effect of the world, to being at cause. You’re the creator. OWN IT and your whole life shifts!

If you need help to make this happen now, I’ve opened up 5 slots open this week for the right women. I offer free 45 minute Strategy Sessions and I do 5 of these per week to help the right women kick-start their inner power so they can make amazing impact with their business from the inside-out!

Enter your details over in the sidebar to apply for your session and let’s make some massive strides toward your amazing vision!  When you’ve applied, I’ll do is give you a quick 10 minute phone call to touch base and find out about you – who you are and what you want to achieve – and if we’re the right fit and I can definitely help you, I’ll book you in for one of the free Strategy Sessions to help you live from CAUSE and make your dreams happen! It’s all waiting for you, and it all resides within you. It’s up to you to take that step and make that change for you! You deserve it, and the world deserves it!

Can’t wait connect with you guys, and I’ll see you on next week’s blog!

In the mean time, be empowered and live inspired – see you then.

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