The Habits That Define You

Hey guys I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project and a massive welcome to this week’s blog.

As always we want to get down into some impactful content. This week I want to give you something that changed my life. Completely changed my perception of myself and of what I was capable of. And that is…the fact that we are defined by our habits.

There are two branches to this – the things that you’re in the habit of doing, and the things that you’re in the habit of NOT doing. These two branches of how you’re defined by your habits – and of course we’ll get into how you can turn that all around and become defined by the phenomenal habits that you’ve established.

As I said, this changed my life – totally changed my perception of what is possible for me and what is possible for me to achieve in the world.

We are defined by our habits. Habits are necessary for our survival. Basically, as I always discuss – we have the conscious part of our mind and the unconscious part of our mind, and the unconscious is phenomenally more powerful and affects way more of our behaviours.

Our conscious mind can only deal with a certain amount of information per second, and so becomes quite easily overloaded. To combat this, we create habits.

Habits are patterns of behaviour that are downloaded into our unconscious mind, and then run on autopilot.

Just like you now walk, for instance. It was once very conscious efforts, and now it just ‘happens’ .You don’t have to put any thought into it, you can just allow it to flow, without any conscious attention required whatsoever. It just happens. The same goes with the rest of our habits as well. These patterns of behaviour run themselves, in order to free up our valuable conscious awareness!

Having said that – there are the things we are in the habit of doing, and the things that we are in the habit of not doing.

For me, I’ll give you a few examples. I used to be in the habit of not building myself any passive income. I would think about it, and know what I had to do, but I wouldn’t actually do it. So that was one of my big habits of not doing. I was also in the habit of not following through on the tasks that I’d set for myself to do. I’d get in a great state, set my tasks I wanted to do, then as soon as my inspiration and motivation waned, I’d just leave the tasks and await the return of that inspired state!

Now THEY were huge habits that were defining me and my results. What I was in the habit of doing, was talking myself out of things. I’d have a great idea that I’d really want to bring to life, and then the fear or something similar would come up and I wouldn’t follow it through. I was in the habit of interrupting my own inspiration and creating a lack of action.

These are just a few examples. I want you to take this information and apply it to your own life. As always, the power is in the implementation, and the minute you apply this to yourself and the cogs start turning differently, we bring these habits (whether habits of not doing or the habits of doing) into our conscious awareness, we suddenly have the power to change them.

The habits I’ve built for myself that are now serving me phenomenally well and allowing me to build an impactful business, loads of cash flow and freedom in my life, are that I set my task and I do them. That is my habit. I get into a fantastic state, set my tasks when I’m inspired. Then whether my inspiration has waned or remained, I WILL do those things. Because that is what is required of me to be successful, make the impact I want to make and help the people I’m here to help. That is the new habit I have built that is now defining me and my success. It takes a little bit of tweaking in the early stages but as I said, when you build the habit, which just takes consistent action to create that habit so it then runs by itself. Now I don’t have to put a huge amount of thought in or a huge amount of effort. It happens naturally that my set tasks get done. That’s an example for you.

I’d love to know what you’re in the habit of doing, and what you’re in the habit of not doing.

The minute you align those things and you align those habits now with that vision that you want to create for your life, that is where the magic comes in. You building those habits will be one of those most phenomenal, inspirational, energy-saving things that you do. So ask yourself honestly, what are you in the habit of doing and what are you in the habit of not doing. Remember, we are defined by our habits. Now, fast forward in your mind until you are the woman who is living that dream – that life that you always think about and always dream about but feels slightly out of your grasp.

Now think what her habits are. Maybe she is in the habit of not putting herself down, and instead is in the habit of supporting herself emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually on every level!

Tune in to the habits that she is running, and I guarantee, because she’s created that dream life already, she is not running the same habits that you are.

The habits you’re running now, have created the reality you’re living now. The habit’s she is running, have created the reality she is living in.

When you tune in and know what she (the future you) is in the habit of doing, and what she’s in the habit of not doing, then the whole world opens up to you. You can build those habits in advance, and shorten that timeline until you step into the woman who is creating that life! That’s all it is, it’s all within you, and all you need is the right roadmap, the right habits installed, and you’ll bring it into fruition. It’s as simple as that.

One of the most powerful things I’ve ever learned: what are you in the habit of doing and what are you in the habit of not doing? Remember, you are defined by your habits, and that you control your habits, will be one of the most fundamentally powerful things that you learn in order to accelerate your success massively, and of course enjoy the process as you do it.

Take some time today – and implement! I get loads of feedback from people who have implemented – and because they’ve implemented, they get results! The people who just listen, think ‘oh that’s interesting’ and then don’t act…that’s a habit! You’re in the habit of learning something that interests you and NOT doing anything with it! Turn that around, refine your habits and you can define a totally new level of YOU!

I hope this has been as helpful for you as it was for me, back when I learned it. Implement, let us know how you go, and I can’t wait to see you guys in next week’s blog. Take care, and as always a huge thank you for your time.


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