The Only Resolution You Need, To Make This YOUR Year

Hello Guys and welcome to this weeks blog and welcome to a brand new year!

2017 is here, the year that everyone has been waiting for of the back of a horrible 2016 if you take social media into account at all however – what is going to make the difference in this year is what I want to talk about in this blog.

So of course everyone is making resolutions. This is the time to be excited. Its the time to change everything. Resolutions of course at any other time of year would be called goals, targets or even intentions. Where as its the new year it becomes a resolution.

So lets talk about the one resolution that’s going to make 2017 your year as a failsafe.



Undoubtedly you will have heard a plethora of resolutions, of ideas, and commitments that people are making that will no doubt wane and wane and wane. I like to keep things simple – I only ever set 3 focal points as my objectives for the year. That keeps things really simple.

They are really broad. Specifically they are Business (growth and how to serve things the best way possible), Me (as I got left out of the mix at times and points last year as things grew very very quickly in very exciting way – I didn’t take as good care of myself as I could have done and should have done – so an opportunity there for me to grow in that area) and Contribution ( I want to give more because living is giving!).

They’re my three focus points for this year but the ONE resolution I will make that I really highly recommend and freely give to you to make also is your growth.

Your focus can be on your growth. It can be your resolution.

A focus on everything as an opportunity to grow. So there are no challenges when we focus on everything as an opportunity to grow.

This idea came about from a retreat I was on in Thailand at the end of the year with my coaches. There had been many challenges in the business as we grew so quickly and the difference is at any point of your business you’re going to be coming up against new challenges. The old me couldn’t have dealt with the challenges that came up last year and this me probably can’t deal with the big challenges coming up this year.

However the growth that comes when you face those challenges head on is absolutely phenomenal. When you commit yourself (and that’s what a resolution is and most of the time unfortunately lacks) to the focus of growth and the opportunity to grow as a person and for you to really become the person who you were meant to be and really fulfil that potential then challenges lose their power.

It’s no longer about you having to come up against battles its all an internal thing. You know if you have followed for a while you will have gotten a flavour for what we do here its all about the internal game. When you’re internal game is on point nothing will ever knock you off, ever.

When you look after you and your focus is on growth how you accept a new challenge – say there is a client problem or there is a culture problem with the staff in your business – that is an opportunity for you to grow. When you go in with that perspective and remember perspective is your power, when you go with that perspective rather than “uh god, i have another thing I have to deal with” (which really saps your energy) you are going with a state of resourcefulness. Resourcefulness is the state of a true leader.

Because you can grasp things and you can pull out opportunities from thin air for you to be able to put the pieces together and find the solution – its a very very different perspective. Its all within your mind and all completely possible.

So the one shift that you can make for your resolution this year that is going to make a difference and commit to it is for you to focus on growth and every opportunity for you to grow.

There is a woman living your dream life in the future. She is having all the success you can dream of. She is having all the influence, changing all the lives and having all that impact and is reaping the rewards in her personal life from fulfilling her mission but she has transcended where you’re at right now. Just like that future version of me has transcended where I’m at right now.

The difference is we’re going to grow along the course. When you take those opportunities to grow – if you grow very quickly rather than trying to avoid the challenges or try to minimise them somehow you feel the opportunities to grow and step into the powerfully and your growth that you get propels you to that future version ever so quickly.

The empowerment you get in that process is unrivalled!

My number one tip for your resolution for your commitment this year is to commit to focus on growth and all of the opportunities that you have to grow as a person this is why you’re here. This is why you’re having this human experience and this is your key to absolute success and fundamental happiness.

I hope this helps guys of course a very very happy new year. I’m sure 2017 holds extraordinary things for you and I know it will if you follow this particular commitment and resolution. I hope this has helped!

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Always a pleasure guys and of course for the whole of 2017 – live Empowered and be Inspired!

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