Top Assumption to Shatter Right Now (if you actually want to be successful)

Hey guys and welcome to Life Empowerment Project. I’m Vicky Murgatroyd, the founder of Life Empowerment Project, and what I’m really interested in, is giving you massive value of how to shift your mindset to create the reality that you really desire.

This includes looking a little bit deeper and calling up some of the internal things that are going on. If you can’t call the elephant in the room, then it’s really not worth being here!

So the Number 1 assumption that you have to shatter now if you really want to be successful. I’m presuming that because you’re here, that you do want to be successful, you actually want to shift your internal world so you external world can follow. You’re sick of just working on the external, external, external, to no reward, and you know now that working on your internal world is going to help shift all of that massively.

What I want to get into, is this Number 1 Assumption You Need To Shatter Now if you actually want to be successful. This assumption is something that is so incredibly common. It’s something I’ve gotten over, and it’s something I make sure every single one of my clients gets over, too. And it is just so simple.

We assume, wrongly, might I add, that other people have something special that we don’t have. We assume that that woman over there who is running that multi-million dollar business, we assume that she has some kind of special talent or she’s had some kind of ‘leg up’ or something like that. We assume that other people have something that we don’t. Basically, what you’re doing is, you’re putting someone else on a pedestal. You’re seeing in them something that you don’t believe you have.

What I really want to hammer home most of all today, in these few minutes that we get to spend together, is that if you can recognise that in someone else, that means you have it within yourself.

I want you to imagine a UFO, that comes to Earth and drops off some aliens. So the alien gets out of its little spaceship, and it says…”what I really want, on Earth, is confidence.”

That would never happen. First of all, that alien concept itself. But, until you actually know what confidence is, how could you ever want it? Until you know what success is, how could you want it?

The problem is that we define things to a really limiting degree, as I’ve said before, the words that we use to define emotions and feelings are very limiting in themselves. For example, anxiety is a very tiny word for a mass of different symptoms and different experiences for different people. For you to know that you want that woman’s confidence, that woman’s success, that woman’s thick skin, for instance, it’s because you already have it within yourself. You already have the concepts, you already know what it is. It’s all about getting in touch with those internal skills, and removing the limitations that you’ve set yourself that have led you to believe you don’t already have those things in the first place. I hope that makes sense!

So basically, perception is projection, right? For you to be able recognise that in somebody else, it HAS to already reside within you. For you to recognise that someone else is massively successful, you have to have that ability within yourself.

You have to be able to define that thing for you personally, only then will you clearly know that you’ve got it. That is absolutely key. A lot of times we’ll say ‘oh, I really want to be successful.’ To your unconscious mind, you’re successful already. It’s kept you alive for the last 25, 35, 45 years. You need to be super clear on what it is that you’re going for. What is success, and how will you know when you’ve got it?

So, the number 1 Assumption to Shatter If You Want To Be Successful, is that someone else has something that you don’t have. You are completely whole, completely limitless, completely and utterly amazing. You have everything you need within you, it’s about cultivating those things. You might not be able to go out on stage and speak like Tony Robbins speaks. But 30 years ago, Tony Robbins wouldn’t have been able to go out on stage and speak like Tony Robbins speaks now!

It’s a progression. The more you can put yourself out there and the more steps you can take, the quicker you’re gonna get to the results that you want. But the number 1 assumption that you need to shatter now if you want to be successful, is that someone else has something that you don’t.

It’s not true. It’s completely and utterly unfounded. You have everything you need. It’s about cultivating those skills and removing those things that have you believing that you don’t have what it takes, and shifting your internal world. When you shift your internal world, your external world opens up immeasurably.

What I’m offering today is, we’re going to open up some really really valuable Discovery Sessions. We want to discover exactly what it is that’s holding you back now. Guaranteed it’s something internal, and we will put our finger on it in that session – what it is that’s holding you back, and how you can overcome that – I guarantee, if we don’t touch on it within the session, your money will be returned to you.

Usually these sessions, a one-to-one session with me, is $297, and today we’re offering it up for $97. I’d absolutely love you guys to jump on board. I’ve got 10 of these spots available and I’d be thrilled to see you there. Guaranteed, we will find what it is that’s been holding you back, or that’s lead you to believe that you don’t have what it takes, because it’s all in there! It’s just the way you’re perceiving it makes you think that you don’t have what it teaks. You’re extraordinary; live an extraordinary life.

I look forward to seeing you in the discovery session that we’ll spend together. Take care guys and I’ll look forward to seeing you in the next video.



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