What 99% Of People Forget To Do Before Setting New Year Goals

Hello guys and welcome to this weeks blog. I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project and this week – one of my favourite topics and something I do towards the end of every year – reflection time!



So how to get the most out of all of your learnings, all of your lessons and all of your perceived mistakes from this year so you can ensure that 2017 is going to be absolutely extraordinary.

Blow out of the water your best year yet!

So one of the biggest things that I see people doing is jumping in and setting their goals for the coming year with gung-ho enthusiasm, but actually not reflecting on everything they learned from the previous year.

So firstly before you dive in you want to jot down and really journal around the fact of your biggest lessons from that year. That can be in the form of your biggest challenges or anything that got implemented that really worked. Whatever your biggest lessons from that year were.

If you could go back and change one thing about this year what would it be? Obviously most definitely it has to be of something that you can be in control of and why would you change it? This really helps set you up for the kind of energy you’re going to be taking into the year (especially as you’re about to set your goals for that).

You also want to look at the actual stats – the KPIs, the clients you have seen, your income, your expenditure – all of that stuff. Really start to track and know where you’re at so you can ground it and then learn from it.

For example most people say that they want to sky rocket their income and they want to bring in a million dollars next year – where they have so many holes in their bucket from things that could have been changed from last year – but they haven’t recognized that so they have taken their bucket into the new year with all the same holes in it.

So what you’re doing here is really allowing yourself to learn from the amazing lessons that you have been sent this year and set yourself up in a really strong form for the coming year so you can maximise on all those lessons.

Remember the universe is going to send to you a lesson until you REALLY get it. If you’re just brushing it off and continuing along on your way without actually grounding yourself in the lesson that you have got, acknowledging it. The universe is going to keep knocking on your door with the same old lesson. “why am I having to do this all again?” – because you haven’t got it yet!

If the universe hasn’t got your answer as its knocking on your door it will kick your fucking door down. Very very simply

Sometimes the biggest lessons we get and the most surprising challenges we get have actually been building for a while and there will be all the signs but we have been unconscience to them.

So allow yourself to get that conscience awareness actually puts you back in the seat and have really really big power. Most people will resist this because it does take a little bit of self assessment and a little bit of inward time which many people end up discovering something that perhaps they wish to stay unconscious of. If you really want to create 2017 as your best year yet you want to get fully conscience – even if you are finding out things that maybe are a little bit uncomfortable – they are going to create that comfort the following year by just even looking at them for now.

I like to spend about a week reflecting. I will go through all the areas of my life where I set goals and I really assess where my attention was if I changed course in any way and if I have changed course look at the reasons.

Was it because of fear?

Was it because of finances?

It could be as something as trivial as that.

Bearing in mind when I set my goals I am completely and utterly dedicated to them. If there is a reason why I am pulling back from them I need to look at that or its going to impact my next year as well.

The same goes for you.

So take a look at ALL the aspects of last year and how it went. Even if you haven’t ever done this before, even since you started your business think about the lessons you have learned. Allow yourself to go into the space, journal away and ONLY when the reflection portion is done go ahead and jump into the next bit.

So you want to go into your goal setting after your reflections. Get yourself emotionally connected to where you’re going and then you will set yourself up for an phenomenal year ahead.

SO just a short one from me today guys – all of the best people in business that I have ever known reflect. They look back. They see what’s gone really well and they see what’s gone not so well and they utilise that knowledge to sky rocket their own journey. Remember the universe is sending you lessons and if you’re not listening they will keep on sending them.

When you hear the lessons, you get the magic and you just propel yourself completely.

So set yourself up for some serious reflection time for the best year of your life and ONLY then are you going to set your goals. Get emotionally connected to them and then you just step up and allow it to all flow into you and in 2017 and live the extraordinary life you deserve.
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In the mean time – Live Empowered and Be Inspired.


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