What Meditation Will Do For Your Business

Hey guys and welcome to this week’s blog.  I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project and this week I want to talk to you about what meditation is going to do for your business.  Far too overlooked thing that is absolutely going to transform the results that you’re creating and your happiness in the process.



So what meditation is going to do for your business is specifically  is CACHA.  So that is not some South American dance or some kind of drug or something like that, CATCHA is basically your anagram for meditation’s going to do for your business.

So number one; C is coherence.  Now when we meditate we go into a phase of coherent brain waves.  Now when your brain waves are coherent it means they’re not jaggedly, they’re not all up and down, they’re not all over the place like they are when were in beta consciousness, which is our everyday level of consciousness.  They slip down, they become smoother, they become more coherent, they become more consistent and what that does is it eminates what comes across to the universe, it comes across as certainty, because everything’s in alig nment, everything’s in flow and everything’s really working.  So literally your brain waves change, which changes your biochemistry, which changes the way you’re feeling, which changes the way you behave.

Massively powerful and this happens even after just a few minutes in meditation.  It doesn’t need to be, you’re not sitting on the floor oming away for two hours at a time, it can literally be just a case of turning your attention inward, focusing internally and really connecting to that on a whole new level and that can be enough to create that coherency in your brain waves.  It’s really going to heighten your results.  Now what a lot of people expect when they manifest and they do these rituals of manifestation is those things are going to show up.  Now, it will absolutely happen but only when you have coherency.  So even those few minutes of mediation a day is going to massively change what you’re attracting into your life as a result.

So the second of our anagram today is A and that is Alignment.  So I’ve kind of already alluded to that in the last chunk but alignment is when you’re in flow, it’s when you’re in that state of ease where things are just happening for you, things are just working.  You’re literally creating more time in your day just from being so much flow.  You get loads more done in much less time.

Full alignment to your message, to your values and that just flows into your business and of course, when you’re in alignment like that, those things that you really want and need, then events, the people, the opportunities, they just show up for you as well.  So what else can mediation do for your business? This daily practice of turning your attention inward, instead of focusing on the external, gives your certainty and certainty is rooted in self-love, very much in self validation.  But that certainty is going to come across massively in everything that you do.

The more certain you are the more leadership you’re going to automatically exude, the more people are going to follow you, the more people are going to want to work with you, the more people are going to listen to what you have to say and of course, once you’re meditating, you’re really in line with your message and you’re coherent, what you’re going to have to say is going to have a huge impact anyway.  So you’re going to be able to be more influential and you’re going to have more people to influence as well.

So absolutely game changing in terms of the certainty it’s going to bring you.  The more certain you are, the more successful you will be.  Just live your message, breathe your message and people will naturally follow you and there’s nothing that’s going to waiver you off that path either.

So the next letter in our anagram for today is H.  So H is all about heart space.  We spend way too much time in our head and when you’re in your head everything is pin balling around, there’s ideas, there’s different words, there’s different problems, there’s different things  that could have been said and should have been said bouncing around in your head and it is exhausting.

It’s a really draining place to be and it totally lowers your coherence, it totally lowers your alignment and it totally lowers your certainty.  So really feeding into one another with these aspects, that is going to bring you that whole package basically, just from that simple daily practice.  But when we drop into our heart space, that is where true alignment comes in, that’s where true certainty comes in because you already know the answers, but most of us are too absorbed in our head chatter to really feel, to really know and to really come from that space.  But you already have it within you.  The fact is it’s just hiding behind all the garbage we have circling around our head, pin balling round our head constantly and again it’s exhausting, it’s not the place to be.

We don’t get the massive answers, the massive insights that we need when we’re in our headspace.  You’re going to get it when you drop down into your heart space and simple meditation; it allows you to quiet your mind.  Now most people think ‘Well I can’t quieten my mind, so I can’t meditate.’  Meditation and quietening your mind is a result of meditation.

The meditation itself is about observing your mind because the minute you observe your mind you realise you’re not your mind and that’s where the real power for you comes in. Because when you’re not your mind it’s much easier to drop into your heart space, into your physicality, into that trust, into the surrender because when you’re in your headspace, that’s ego.

Its ego driven, its ego based and it very much wants to control, it feels very small, it feels very limited.  When you drop into your heart space, which you will do easier and easier the more you meditate, then the answers come.  We all have this experience of dropping into our heart space; that knowing that comes to you; that ease, that flow, that certainty, all of us have that experience but this is just allowing you to now be able to create that experience, live in that experience a hell of a lot more.

So that is heart space. Get out of your head and into your heart and the answers will be there.

Which brings me right onto the final letter of our CACHA anagram today.  So finally, Answers.  When you are coherent, when you’re in alignment, when you’re certain and when you drop into your heart space, the answers are all there.  Every single answer that you’ve ever needed.  Ever.  They’re all there. There’s a whole thing about, you know Rumi’s quote of ‘You’re not a  drop in the ocean, you are the ocean in a single drop.  You are the entire universe in a single drop.’

Now when you drop into your heart space, when you get into that coherency, when you shut off all the external noises that is literally just a distraction from knowing that all of the answers are in there and when you get into that space and you build it as a daily habit, I guarantee the answers are going to be there.  It’s  going to change your whole perspective, it’s  going to leave your feeling expansive, feeling supported, feeling connected and in that space the answers will always flow to you.

So meditation is a huge, huge, huge part of my daily practice.  It doesn’t need to take much time.  Why I say it’s such a huge part is because it’s so so massively influential.  Even if you start with five minutes a day I guarantee that all these aspects that we’ve talked about from out CACHA anagram today, they’re going to start to come in and the minute that you really feel and you really create those changes, the minute you realise the power that you possess.  Because all you do in a meditation is getting to know you.

It’s getting to know you at the level of the observer not stuck in your mind, you’re connected, you’re fully inspired and fully empowered and that is the place that we want you to be most of all.  It’s from that place you’re going to change your world.  You’re going to unleash your magic, you’re going to do your thing on a whole new level, create way more impact and way more influence and you’ve really go the potential to create the exact life that you want.  It’s all in there.  Now meditation is just your key to that door to get to getting every answer that you ever wanted.

So that’s all for today.   As I said mediation has been a game changer for me.   Every one of my clients, I get them to do it on a daily basis, with your short morning meditations to get you really energised and connected and visualising your future and then we do an evening meditation.  It’s just simple, again pulling your attention inward and these things, everything in your life just starts to feel that positive ripple effect from your small daily practices.  So take control.  Put it to practice today and I’d love to hear how you go.  Even commit yourself to this week to do five, ten minutes per day and I’d love to hear your results at the end of it.  So for now, I will see you in next week’s blog, hope you enjoyed today.

If you got some massive value, I’d love if you could like and share the video; it would be much appreciated if we could get this message to as many people as possible, so they can feel the benefits for themselves.  So as I say, I’ll see you in next week’s blog and in the meantime live empowered and be inspired.



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