Why The Pursuit Of Success Is A Shortcut To Misery

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This is our second blog of the year, I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project, and today, I want to give you a huge mindset shift.

I get this brought up a lot with women when I first get on calls with them. I’m very pleased to say, by the time they are finished with the 8 week program, I never hear this from those women ever again. This is a huge mindset shift that is going to stop you from being in the place of always wanting, always needing, always chasing…but never actually feeling like you have anything.

Huge mindset shift – this is all about enjoying the journey, slowing down and recognising what a fantastic success you already are.

So, today’s blog:

Why the pursuit of success is a shortcut to misery.

Exactly as I’ve already alluded to, the pursuit of success is all about the pursuit, and it’s never about the having.

I’ve talked about this before and if you’re on our mailing list – which you should be! – I’ve gone through a more personal video for you guys, it’s all about that mirage lifestyle. It’s all about pushing you and pushing you and pushing you to those goals that you want, but as soon as you actually get toward a goal, you’ve almost got it, and then the next thing you know, your sights are on the horizon again. There’s something even bigger and even better on the horizon, that you haven’t yet got!

As female entrepreneurs, you are so much more susceptible to this trap. You put high expectation on yourself, and for good reason – you’re an extraordinary woman, you’re chasing that dream…but the key is, to stop the chase. Now!

Stop the pursuit because it’s that constant pursuit that is a heightened state of stress, that almost panicky feeling where you’re not sleeping so well at night, your mind never switches off from work, even when you try to come home and enjoy some time off, you’re still ticking everything over in your mind. That is the pursuit, the chase!

The minute that we STOP – and I’ll get into exactly how to do this now – everything starts to come to you. Everythign you thought you ahd to be chasing starts tot manifest in your life, and materialise right in front of you. And for all the effort that you’re putting in, that is no more than you deserve!

So, HOW to stop the pursuit of success, and how to stop that shortcut to misery?

It’s very simply; be grateful.

How often do you hear this now, I know it’s a very very hot topic – gratitude. Be grateful. But how this affects you now, is that it takes you out of that place of wanting and needing and chasing, and it settles you down. It completely shifts your energy, your mindset and everything else. Look around you now, as soon as you’re done here, and name 10 things that you are massively grateful for in your life now. The more you start to tune in, and get used to wearing those lenses all the time, the more things you’ll notice all around you for you to be grateful for.

When we’re in the pursuit of success, we’re looking at those things that we want – therefore we’re in a state of ‘not having’. Whereas in actual fact, you have so much around you, amazing things you’ve created, amazing people, amazing opportunities – but until you slow down and get grateful fro those, you’re always going to be chasing. You’ll always be wanting more. But that MORE is external to you, and it’s never going to satisfy you internally – and that is the huge key!

Slow down, be grateful, and notice that you’re already a huge success. You’re building a business, you’re living your life, chasing the dream – or not chasing I should say!! – but you’re already doing so much with your life! You’ve already come so far, learned so much, experienced so much!

Slow down, be grateful, and I guarantee that that shift in your mindset starts to pull toward you the things that you really want.

Stop chasing and start being grateful now.

As I say, this has come from almost every woman that I speak to.

It’s that ‘not having’ energy.

You know now that the energy you’re putting out there, is the energy you’ll be attracting.

When you’re putting out there that you don’t have success, that’s what you’ll be attracting. When you put out there that you’re grateful for all the amazing things you have in your life, literally immediately, more and more amazing things start to pop up for you. And THAT is what I want for you this year!

If any of you are struggling with the concept. Struggling to slow down, switch your mind off, to stop feeling that stress and that highly strung panicked feeling – GET IN TOUCH!

This is exactly what we do, we are absolutely fantastic at creating that shift. It’s not a shift that is just ‘for now’, it’s a shift that is permanent – a complete shift in your mindset. And all we’re doing is bringing out the you that’s already in there.

All the stress is just a learned behaviour and an emotional response that we can just stop, now!

So I’d love for you guys to get in touch. Please click the link below if you’re on Life Empowerment Project, and if you’re on YouTube, click over to Life Empowerment Project! Click on the link!

Get in contact with us, get on a call, so you can make the change – there’s no obligation, I want to get to know you and I want to make that shift happen for you.   This is exactly where I’ve come from, and it’s exactly why I take so many women through that journey on the program…and it is sensational!

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