Why Willpower Is Failing You (and what you can rely on instead)

Hello guys and a huge welcome to this week’s blog. I’m Vicky Murgatroyd from Life Empowerment Project and this week I wanted to give you a little hint and a tip that helped me to step out of relying on willpower. Because, if you haven’t noticed already, it is completely unreliable. Sometimes you feel good to go, inspired and motivated and you are a productivity machine. Other days you are…absolutely devoid of motivation – complete crickets! So I wanted to give you this little tip – why willpower is failing you and what you can rely on instead

As I said, willpower is fleeting. It’s not something you can continually rely on, especially in business you’re going to be focused on that long-term vision – rather than the short term gains all the time. The short-term gains are where you get disillusioned, you’ll lose your power and momentum and your passion for what you’re doing. So in order to stop relying on willpower what I want to bring you back to is identity.

How often are we telling ourselves who we are and what we are and what we’re capable of in our heads, to the negative degree. Usually it’ll be something like ‘I’m terrible at time management’ or ‘I really struggle to get anything done’ or ‘I can never really be that productive’ etc etc.

When you identify yourself like that, of course you’re going to conform to it! One of my coaches said to me a while ago, and I loved the concept, “I am health”.

This was a mantra he used to transform his personal health and any time a question would come up – any temptations or treats or a cheat day or something like that, his response would be “I am health”.

That comes down to your base level of identity.

Some of the things I used to identify with for myself was that I’m shy. That was a huge one for me; that I never really had much to say. I believed that to my core. So one of the key things I tell myself about my identity now, because as you can imagine that old belief would stop me from getting on video, stop me from wanting to speak in front of groups and that state of mind would stop me from basically a lot of things.

By keeping that identity around me I was limiting myself. It’s all made up! You decide who you are!

What I decided was that “I am confident” and “I am a great speaker” – then all of a sudden I could go out there, step out of my shell and give it a go.

It didn’t matter what the outcome was, because I was identifying who I was. Therefore whenever an opportunity came up to do a video for instance, I’d jump at it.

I changed my internal dialogue to “I am confident” and “I am a great speaker” “I am focused on the value that I’m adding” – rather than the old “I am shy and I could never do that!”

So what it comes down to, instead of relying on your willpower to show up day in day out, what are you identifying yourself as? Really take the week and tune into exactly what thoughts you’re continually running. You’ll see patterns in your thinking. A lot of this thinking goes on entirely unconsciously for the majority of the time. When you’re actually becoming conscious of that, you’ll have a few a-ha moments of what you’re continually running in your mind. You’ll also be met with some very big shifts from what you’re telling yourself internally when you’re having a really good day and things are flowing, to when it’s just an uphill battle and everything’s really difficult – so notice what you’re telling yourself, because that is how you’re forming your identity and notice how this differs from mood to mood. Remember, your internal world is creating your external world – you have a lot of power in that!

Some statements to turn that around when you’re getting in your head:

“I am super productive”

“I always come from a place of passion”

“I am creative”

It can be anything you want, that really resonates with you, but your identity is hat is going to help you going toward that long-term vision. Your willpower is unreliable, you’re going to waste a lot of time waiting for it to show up, and your vision is way bigger than that!

When you connect with the identity of the person who fulfils that mission, you’ll be unstoppable, you’ll build that strong habit of doing what you need to od, following through and of course by doing so you’ll create more energy and more flow for yourself so that you will be filling your cup first and retaining that flow.

So how you identify yourself is the absolute key to your success. Stop relying on willpower. Tune in this week to what you’re running internally, and switch it up. Find out what it is that’s holding you back and create some “I am” statements so you are defining yourself – and taking control of that definition!

As soon as you come from that place of “I am productive”, “I am a leader”, “I am creative”, “I am amazing at getting stuff done” you’ll get that flow state on!

That is you utilising your beautiful feminine energy rather than constantly pushing against resistance! So identify what you’re running, switch it up to what you want to be running and take back your identity and control!

So I hope this was helpful this week guys, and I cannot wait to see you on next week’s blog. In the mean time, live empowered and be inspired.




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